Friday, December 28, 2012

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Separate

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Separate 

This Blog is called: Kweller Prep: High School, College, Life, and More... 

This post is the "More" part. 

How sad to hear such news right before Christmas. 

I have followed and admired Bettheny for quite some time. I admired her as a female entrepreneur, socialite, philanthropist, author, chef, wife & mother. On the entrance way to Kweller Prep, you can see a copy of Bethenny's book, "A Place of Yes" as a recommended reading. She started with nothing-- and became a self-made, successful, multi-millionaire with a legacy that will last long after her passing. News of her separations has been incredibly sad. I almost want to shake her saying, "don't do it." 

Bethenny Frankel truly had it all- 

1. An accomplished business woman (chef, reality TV star, liquor designer- she even had her own talk show) 

2. A ton of money (over 120 million collected from the sale of her Skinny Girl Margarita alone) 

3. A doting husband. I mean-could anyone ask for more than Jason? He comes with a loving family (his parents), a kind heart, and every picture you see of him with his daughter Bryn beams with his love for her. 

4. A healthy and happy baby girl. Thanks to Jason's genetics, this girl is simply beautiful. 

I have loved Watching Bettheny Frankel's empire grow. During my darker times (I was divorced prior to meeting my now soulmate), I read Bettheny's book "A Place of Yes" and that book really hit the spot. I read it to the last page thinking how, like Betheny, I can have everything. 

I think Bethenny is making a huge mistake to separate from such a wonderful man. He loves her and their child. This is evident from every picture I see.  She needs to be reminded why she is with Jason in the first place, and how much her life has changed for the better thanks to him.  Now that she is super-successful financially, she need not forget who supported her way to the top. 

Also, personally, It is scary to see a woman reach her career goals and have a child, and then watch her personal life- her most intimate relationship-fall apart. I think it's sad because Bethenny is no longer my all-around role model. It's so hard for me to find good role models!!!!! 

I am at an interesting point in my career; 30 years old, with the love of my life, the puppy of my life, and the job of a lifetime.. no kids yet.. but seriously, this Bettheny Separation is freaking me out! She has absolutely everything-- so sad to watch her personal life crumble. Why Why Why?  

Keeping a marriage is incredibly hard. It's really sad that after meeting such a great guy, making a ton of money, and having a healthy & beautiful baby, she couldn't stop to smell the roses and keep it all together. She has more money in one lifetime than a third world country in whole. She has the financial means to provide for her family, extended family, and generations to come. 

Today I was pretty sad to see the torn photo on the cover of OK magazine. I guess you can sometimes be your own worst enemy. Very very sad. 

Bethenny, I hope you come to your senses, stop being so stubborn, and reconcile with your truest partner, Jason Hoppy. Stop fighting & go try to have more kids to leave Bryn some siblings. 

That's my two cents.