Friday, November 4, 2011

Testing early?

The short answer to your question is that YES, your child will have a much higher competitive advantage if he studies for the SAT as early as tenth grade (at Kweller prep, we work with kids as young as 12 years old to prepare them to take the SAT exam so they can enroll in John's Hopkins university' TTY program for talented youth. There is also a tremendous amount of money available-- if your son will score well on the PSAT exam (a test very similar to the SAT) and offered in October of tenth and eleventh grade. Lastly, many prestigious universities are notified of students who perform exceptionally well on the PSAT, as that is a good indicator that they will also perform well on the SAT. Please do not under estimate how powerful a strong SAT score is, and how much more relaxed your child will be if he feels 'over-prepared" rather than under. Early is key.