Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New SAT Basics

BEFORE THE NEW SAT BASICS:   You will only have a handful of chances to take the OLD SAT. We highly suggest you study all summer in 2015, take the SAT test for the first time October 2015, buy the Question and Answer Service (QAS) at www.Collegeboard.com, and review the October 2015 test entirely. Take the SAT for the second time early December 2015, order the test, order QAS, review the entire test, then take the SAT test for the third and LAST time late January 2016. Three times is just enough times to take the test.  Studies show that the more times you take the test, the more likely you are to improve your score. You should try to take the SAT by grade 9, 10, 11. Do not take waste your time testing and retesting senior year in grade 12 because you have to spend your time early of senior year applying for college.  Senior year is stressful enough and you should not spend that time taking the SAT, a test you should have taken at least 3 times by grade 11.