Friday, January 4, 2013

Hunt Sample Essay

Model Essay: If I Could Speak Any Language

            I have always considered the knowledge of a language an invaluable treasure, as the mastery of a foreign tongue opens the door to a world of culture and communication. If I could learn any particular language, I would learn Italian in order to obtain a more profound understanding of Italian music and movies in their native form and to facilitate my travels within the beautiful country of Italy itself.

            Italian music and cinema have always fascinated me, and I would love to enjoy them in their original form. I am enchanted by the beautiful, soothing songs of Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti – if only I could effortlessly understand the mesmerizing lyrics! Each line of text is melodious in and of itself, independent of the flawless instrumental accompaniment. Though I can read English translations of the lyrics, I cannot help but feel like every decrypted word detracts a sliver of fundamental meaning; only in the native language can I experience the music’s full effect. In addition to Italy’s music, I also love the films, such as the one and only La Vita รจ Bella. La Vita is filled with historical and cultural meaning, as the plot follows the heartwarming yet inevitably tragic tale of a charming father-and-son duo. Because so much of the film’s charm emerges as a direct result of its inherently Italian characteristics, it is a travesty to experience it through the distorted lenses of subtitles and dubbed dialogue. Especially considering the expressiveness of Italian speech, I think it is essential to hear a story the way in which it was originally told. If I were fluent in Italian, the music and movies would possess a whole new level of significance for me.

            My exposure to Italian art forms has triggered my interest in traveling throughout Italy in order to fully immerse myself in all aspects of the culture. I hope to ride in Venetian gondolas, daydream in the Sistine Chapel, feed pigeons at the Piazza, gawk at the statue of David, and savor decadent gelato.  I want to effortlessly communicate with the native people I meet, hearing their tales, which I imagine are so different from – yet, in many ways, quite similar to – my own. I wish to experience the cuisine, art, and landscape of Italy not merely as a tourist but as an integrated part of its rich world.

            Italian is a harmonious language that beautifies its subjects, and attaining fluidity in it would greatly enhance my experiences of Italy’s music, cinema, and homeland. I vow that I will one day be able to speak it nearly – if not fully – as well as I speak English.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hunter Grammar Sample Questions


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This is just a sample of our stuff!


All Hunter High School students pursue an academically enriched six-year program of

study. No error

Choice A: PURSUE is wrong here. One student PURSUES; many students PURSUE. Remember, you can only use the letter “S” once. One teacher TEACHES; many teachers TEACH.

The curriculum is a rigorous college preparatory program who provides a liberal arts education. No error.

Choice C: The word WHO is wrong here. Only use WHO when you deal with people, ONLY PEOPLE ARE WHO. Everything else is a THAT.

The majority of subjects is accelerated such that high school study begins in the 8th grade and state educational requirements are completed in the 11th. No error

Choice B: IS is wrong here. The majority of subjects ARE accelerated. ARE is plural; IS is singular. No Error

During the 12 grade, students take electives, have the option to attend courses at Hunter College or Columbia University. No error

Choice A: TWELVE is wrong here. It should say twelfth. (12 is wrong. Should be 12th)

Hunter High School students that attend classes at Columbia University may receive transferable college credit. No error.

Choice A: THAT is wrong here. Students are people, and people are always WHO. Anything else a THAT. Remember, people are WHO, people are WHO, people are WHO.

Hunter students undertake independent academic studies, and participate from internships around the city. No error

Choice C: You participate IN an internship, not FROM an internship. By the way, you are jealous OF, not over, you compare WITH, not FROM, and you contrast FROM not with. You also partake IN a meal, not FROM one.

Students in grades 7 and 8 are required to take courses in communications and theater. No Error.

Choice E: There is NO ERROR here. You do not need to say 7th and 8th because grade comes before. If it said 7th and 8th grade, then you would need the TH at the end.

The curriculum includes drama, storytelling, and theater. No Error.

Choice E: There is NO ERROR here. You can have a comma before the word AND so long as there is a list of three or more. In this case the list is three.

Students in grades 7 to 9 must take both art or music, each for half a year, and then choose one to take in tenth grade. No Error.

Choice B: OR is wrong here. BOTH art AND music.

One of the three available foreign language courses (French, Latin, or Spanish) must be taken each year in grades 7–10, annually, and AP language electives are offered through the 12th grade. No Error

Choice D: ANNUALLY should be deleted here. There is no need to have the word annually because it is redundant. ANNUALLY means EACH YEAR and is not necessary.

A year each of biology, chemistry, and physics must be completed in addition to the introductory science classes of life science and physical science in the 7th and 8th grades, respectively. No error.

Choice E: There is NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR here.

During 7th and 8th grades, students must also participate from the school's science fair. No error

Choice C: FROM is WRONG here. You participate in the school’s science fair, not FROM the fair.

After the introductory 7th grade social studies course, 5 semesters (spanning two and a half years) of global studies must be completed, then 3 semesters of american history. No error

Choice D: AMERICAN is wrong here. American should have a CAPITAL A, not a lower case A.

A series of english and mathematics courses are taught from 7th through 11th grades. No error.

Choice A: ENGLISH is wrong here. It should be a CAPITAL E, not a lower case E.

The math curriculum is split into a track of "honors" and a track of "extended honors" classes for students of different strengths after the 7th grade. No error.

Choice E: There is NO ERROR here.

If students pass a placement test, he are able to skip a grade and attend classes of a higher grade. No error.

Choice B: HE is wrong here. Students are plural, so the sentence should read “if students pass, then THEY are able to skip…”

For example, a student that passes the test in 7th grade and is currently in 8th grade can take 9th grade "extended honors" mathematics. No error.

Choice A: THAT is wrong here. A student is a person, and a person is always a WHO. Everything else is a THAT.

Two semesters of physical education is taught each year, including swimming in the 8th grade, which is held at Hunter College.

Choice A: IS is wrong here. Two semesters ARE taught. Remember, always ignore anything after the word OF. Even though physical education is ONE, focus on the words before the OF. Here, you see TWO semesters, so it’s ARE not IS.

In the 9th grade, Hunter students are required to take a CPR course for one semester. No Error.

There is NO ERROR here.

Starting in their junior year, students are allowed to take a limited number of electives and Advanced Placement courses. No Error

Choice E: There is NO ERROR here. Students are PLURAL so they ARE allowed.


Hunter has a strong english Department, which incorporates reading dense novels and writing analytical papers beginning in the 7th grade. No Error.

Choice A: ENGLISH is wring here. It should be CAPITAL E; ENGLISH not English.

Students have historically graduated with exceptionally strong writing and reading comprehension skills, reflected by the school's very high average SAT scores in Critical Reading and Writing, and by the number of students that have earned recognition by the Scholastic Writing Awards. No Error.

Choice D: THAT is wrong here. Students are PEOPLE and PEOPLE are always WHO.

All six academic departments offers upper-level electives and advanced placement courses. No Error.

Choice D: OFFERS is wrong here. ONE department OFFERS; many departments OFFER.

Advanced placement courses include; AP Computer Science, AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, AP Psychology, AP European History, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Biology, AP Statistics, AP Spanish, AP French and AP Latin (Vergil).

Choice A: The ; (semi-colon) is WRONG here. A COLON (:) should be used instead. A COLON (:) means that a list of three or more will follow. A semicolon (;) is stronger than a comma (,) but it is weaker than a period (.) A semicolon connects two similarly related ideas.

The English Department previously offered AP english and Literature but has since replaced it with the elective Advanced Logic and Composition. No Error.

Choice D: ENGLISH is wrong here. It should be capitalized. English not english.

Other electives include; Intro to African-American Studies, "Race, Class, and Gender", International Relations, US Constitutional Law, Classical Mythology, Photography, Astrophysics, Advanced Art History I & II, Organic Chemistry, Creative Writing, Joyce's Ulysses, Shakespeare's Comedies & Romance/Shakespeare's Tragedies & Histories, and Physiology. No Error.

Choice A: The ; (semi-colon) is WRONG here. A COLON (:) should be used instead. A COLON (:) means that a list of three or more will follow. A semicolon (;) is stronger than a comma (,) but it is weaker than a period (.) A semicolon connects two similarly related ideas.

The Faculty and Curriculum Committe are currently evaluating Hunter’s AP offerings.

Choice D: COMMITTE is wrong here. It should be spelled with 2 E;s at the end. COMMITTEE

There are six guidance counselors serving the student population. No Error

Choice E: There is NO ERROR here.

Each junior and senior are assigned a college guidance counselor. No error.

Choice C: ARE is wrong here. EACH student IS assigned a guidance counselor.

99% of Hunter's students have gone on to college, and about 25% of these students accept admission into a Ivy League school. No Error.

Choice D: “A” ivy league school is WRONG here. The sentence should read, AN IVY LEAGUE school. Before a vowel (aeiou) you need to use the article AN not A.

In 2006–2007, nearly 50% of the graduating seniors at Hunter accepted admission to an Ivy League School. No error.

Choice E: There is NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR here.

Hunter students win many honors and awards during his high school careers, especially numerous Scholastic Writing Awards. No error.

Choice D: HIS is WRONG here. The answer should read, THEIR high school careers. HIS is singular; THERE IS PLURAL.

Hunter students wins approximately 23% of all New York State Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. No Error.

Choice A: WINS is WRONG here. MANY STUDENTS WIN; ONE STUDENT WINS. You can only use the letter S once. Remember, one teacher TEACHES; many teachers TEACH.

Of particular fame is the many winners of the Intel Science Talent Search. No Error.

Choice B: IS is WRONG here. ARE is correct. There ARE many winners. ARE is plural; IS is singular.

The first-place Intel Science Talent Search winner in 2005 was Hunter senior David L. V. Bauer ('05), while the 1991 winner was Adam Cohen ('97), who is now a professor in the Chemistry and Physics Departments at harvard. No error.

Choice D: HARVARD is WRONG here. HARVARD is the name of a university, so it must be capitalized. Harvard not harvard.

In addition, two of New York State's four 2005 Presidential Scholars was Hunter College High School seniors. Sandra Fong ('08) represented the United States in the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing. She competed in the rifle shooting competition.

Choice A: WAS is wrong here. It should say WERE. WAS is singular, while WERE is plural

In light of their academic excellence, Hunter College High School has been identified as one of the top public schools in the nation. No error.

Choice A: THEIR IS WRONG. Sentence should read ITS academic excellence. HUNTER is ONE school, a SINGLE unit, regardless of how many students are in the school. Remember, a class of 30 students IS a large class. Also, a family of five IS a large family. What’s important here is that a GROUP is singular.

The Wall Street Journal refers to Hunter High School as a “feeder to the IVY Leagues.” No error.

Choice E: There is no error here.

Newsweek have also stated that Hunter College High School is one of the top public schools with the highest performers on the SAT and ACT tests. No error.

Choice A: HAVE is wrong here. Newsweek is singular, so it should say has not have.

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, the average SAT score on the 2400-scale average for the class of 2007 were about a 2200. No Error

Choice D: WERE is wrong here. WAS should be used instead. One average score is SINGULAR. Was is singular; were is plural.