Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Descriptive Essay Draft 2: My Ideal Profession:

Descriptive Essay Draft 2: My Ideal Profession:

While there are many professions one can choose from, I perhaps have a desire to pursue an atypical one. If given the opportunity to pursue any field of study, I see myself as videogame designer. I have been interested in this field since I was a child, and this is the ideal turf for me. In fact, I envision myself as a developer of advanced levels of games such as Rock Band," "Wii Fit" and "Madden Football." Thanks to my profession, people will line up to buy all the popular video games that I design. I will hear audiences of people cheer as I pass them by. Making video games requires a lot of imagination and I know that I will be able to bring my talent to life by pursuing this fascinating field.
I had my first taste of what it would be like to be a videogame designer in the second grade. My school teacher, Ms. Hanna, hosted career day for our class. Among the various speakers I encountered, the one who struck out the most was a videogame software developer. His field of study seemed so interesting—he was exactly what I wanted to be. Juxtaposed to him was a team of speakers – lawyers in stuffy dark suits and doctors in long white uncomfortable jackets. However, here amidst them was a designer in a solid grey t-shirt and jeans. He shared how he was making as much, if not more, than his tightly dressed counterparts. I wanted to be him.
As a professional videogame designer, I will have to devote myself to exploring every aspect of a game and to mastering its outcome. Videogame design is a challenging, booming business with many specialized jobs and numerous points of entry. Since I was very young, I have been passionate about this highly competitive field. I possess a variety of skills and innate abilities. The expertise largely involves training in computer graphics, animation and software design. These are areas I am extremely interested in and areas that I definitely want to study. I hope that, as a designer, I will obtain the training at credentialed programs at technical schools I will need to be successful in my career.

To summarize, I know that I will make an excellent videogame designer because I possess a very powerful imagination, which is a prerequisite in order to construct the alternative world of the game in one’s mind before creating it in cyberspace. Indubitably, I feel that, as a designer I can make a great impact in this field and bring design to life. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

SAT words from college board blue book

Foresight- Forethought
Nostalgia- Wistful, longing
Folly- Foolishness
Despair- Misery
Artistry- Creativity
Intricate- Complicated
Candid- Sincere
Ostentatious- Showy, pretentious
Fictional- Imaginary
Convoluted- Elaborate
Capricious- Unpredictable, impulsive
Bombastic- Pompous
Loquacious- Talkative, wordy
Dispassionate- Calm
Decorous- Well-behaved
Emotional- Touching
Intellectual- Academic
Chance- Unintended
Random- Arbitrary
Intuitive- Instinctive
Deliberate- On purpose
Instinctive- Natural
Intentional- Planned, intended
Logical- Rational
Streamlined- Sleek, smooth, efficient
Infighting- Internal strife
Mitigated- Moderate, to make less severe
Jingoism- Patriotism
Ossified- Hardened
Bureaucratization- To complicate through overregulation
Politicized- To make political
Innovation- Originality
Venerable- Respected, esteemed
Legislation- The process of writing and passing laws

Cowardice- Fearfulness
Prudence- Carefulness
Hospitality- Generosity, kindness
Aloofness- Unfriendliness
Loyalty- Faithfulness
Applauded- Highly praised
Derailed- Wrecked, spoiled
Acknowledged- Recognized
Permitted- Allowed
Anticipated- Expected
Condition- Circumstances
Highlight- Focus
Stimulus- Incentive, motivation
Dictum- Saying, motto
Respite- Break
Negotiate- Discuss, bargain
Concessions- the act of conceding or yielding
Antagonize- Irritate
Friends- Acquaintances
Surrender- Give up, admit defeat
Enemies- Foes
Dominate- control, rule
Inquiries- Investigation
Equivocate- Be evasive, beat around the bush
Denunciations- Public condemnation
Rousing- Stirring
Memorable- Unforgettable
Pedestrian- Ordinary
Evolving- Developing
Chaotic- Disorganized
Unprecedented- Extraordinary
Derivative- Not original
Inept- Incompetent
Spontaneous- Impulsive
Graceless- Clumsy
Cheapened- To decrease the quality of
Affordable- Reasonably priced
Transformed- Changed
Viable- Possible
Revolutionized- Radically altered
Prohibitive- Prevent or forbid, too expensive
Provoked- Aggravated
 Improbable- Unlikely
Stimulated- Inspired
Inaccessible- Unreachable
Cryptic- Mysterious
Judicious- Sensible
Jubilant- Excited
Supercilious- Arrogant
Pugnacious- Confrontational
Belligerence- Hostility
Indigence- Poverty
Perfidy- Disloyalty
Aspersion- Criticism, slander
Tenacity- Stubbornness

Imprecise- Insect
Straightforward- Uncomplicated
Deficient- Lacking
Obtrusive- Elliptical- Indirect, oval-shaped
Hollow- empty
Sparse- thin, meager
Thunderous- Loud
Enormous- Huge
Deafening- Noisy
Unimpressive- Mediocre
Muted- Quiet
Negligible- Insignificant
Rousing- Inspiring
Advanced- Better
Setback- Delay
Altered- Distorted
Revolution- Uprising
Contradicted- Denied
Truce- Peace
Reinforced- Toughened
Crisis- Disaster
Halted- Stopped
Breakthrough- Step forward
Credence- Credibility
Irrefutable- Unquestionable
Disrepute- Disrespect
Dubious- Doubtful
Acceptance- Agreement
Convincing- Believable
Momentum- Drive
Systematic- Orderly
Currency- Uncertain
Inconclusive- Uncertain
Palpable- Tangible, obvious
Diaphanous- See through
Variegated- Multicolored
Luxurious- Comfortable
Anomalous- Abnormal, strange
Egalitarian- Equal
Dowager- a respected, rich woman
Dilettante- Amateur
Iconoclast- One who challenges tradition
Purveyor- Seller

Convincing- Believable
Misinterpret- Misunderstand
Misleading- Deceptive
Anticipate- Expect
Predictable- Unsurprising
Foresee- Predict
Ironic- Sarcastic
Endorse- Approve
Spellbinding- Fascinating
Ignore- Pay no attention to
Liquefying- To make or become a liquid
Founder- Creator
Contaminating- Ruining
Backfire- Go wrong
Purifying- To make pure
Boomerang- Rebound
Saturating- Fill up
Reciprocate- Give in return
Polluting- To make unclean
Prevail- Succeed
Dispassionate- Unemotional
Insubstantial- Weak
Esoteric- Obscure
Capricious- Unpredictable
Indignant- Angry
Conclusive- Definite
Reality- Truth
Tenable- Reasonable
Misconception- False Impression
Mythical- Imaginary
Possibility- Likelihood
Erroneous- Mistaken
Delusion- Illusion
Hypothetical- Theoretical
Digression- Sidetrack
Substantiated- Proved
Impugned- Challenged as false
Protected- Sheltered
United- Joined, combined
Mollified- Soften
Flotsam- Debris
Reconnaissance- Investigation
Decimation- To destroy
Raiment- Clothing
Sustenance- Nourishment
Disposition- Temperament
 Cantankerous- Irritable
Anatomy- Makeup
Churlish- Rude
Outlook- Viewpoint
Benevolent- Kind
Personality- Character
Laconic- Terse, using few words
Stature- Physique, standing
Robust- Healthy
Mercurial- Changing, unexpected
Corrosive- Destroy gradually
Disingenuous- Insincere
Implacable- Merciless
Phlegmatic- Apathetic, impassive

Ensured- To make sure or certain
Approved- Accepted
Belittled- Mock
Eliminated- Removed
Defended- Protected
Amateurish- Unprofessional
Professional- Skilled, qualified
Lax- Laidback, careless
Harsh- Cruel
Selective- Careful
Inclusive- All-encompassing
Judgmental- Critical
Discriminating- Discerning
Sensitive- Responsive
Insightful- Perceptive
Verbose- Wordy
Mundane- Ordinary
Concise- Brief
Elaborate- Complex
Comprehensive- Complete
Edifying- Enlightening
Succinct- Short, to the point
Enlightening- Informative
Provocative- Stimulating
Technical- Related to mechanics or science
Aggregation- Collection of different things
Inclination- Tendency
Prognosis- Prediction
Retrenchment- Cutback
Preeminence- Supremacy
Unequivocal- Clear
Effusive- Overenthusiastic
Incorrigible- Persistent
Tenuous- Questionable
Ineffable- Indescribable

Lush- Abundant
Sprawling- Expansive
Desolate- Deserted
Gaudy- Extravagant
Monumental- Immense
Misnomer- Wrong name
Hybrid- Mixture
Vector- Quantity with magnitude and direction
Curative- Healing
Precursor- Predecessor
Stringent- Severe
Dispersive- Spread, scatter
Conditional- Restricted
Recessive- To go backward
Obtrusive- Unmistakable
Revolutionary- Innovative
Promoted- Further, advance
Positive- Encouraging
Prohibited- Forbidden
Successful- Triumphant
Protested- Disapproved of, fought against
Divisive- Disruptive
Restricted- Limited
Militant- Confrontational
Fostered- Promoted the growth of
Bucolic- Rural
Prolific- Productive
Lugubrious- Sad
Sundry- Various
Metaphorical- Symbolic
Misguided- Mistaken
Remonstrance- Complaint
Absurd- Ridiculous
Erudition- Sophistication
Plausible- Possible
Lassitude- Weariness
Painstaking- Thorough
Fabrication- Untruth
Wrongheaded- Foolish
Chicanery- Trickery
Cosmopolitan- Sophisticated

Defense- Resistance
Worldly- Experienced
Inspiration- Motivation
Moral- Ethical
Obligation- Duty
Stunted- Underdeveloped
Condition- State
Limited- Incomplete
Center- Middle
Hinder- Hold back
Reconcile- Settle, bring into agreement
Control- Organize
Soothe- Calm
Extend- Expand
Coddled- To treat tenderly
Taunted- Teased
Prodded- Nudged
Ousted- Get rid of
Chided- Scolded
Exhilarating- Exciting
Banal- Dull
Shocking- Outrageous
Prophetic- Visionary
Startling- Surprising
Revolutionary- Ground-breaking
Appalling- Terrible
Groundbreaking- Innovative
Unanticipated- Unexpected
Irrelevant- Unrelated
Digression- Aside
Proximity- Nearness
Expansion- Growth
Stabilization- To make permanent, stable
Correlation- Association
Benign- Kind
Cantankerous- Irritable
Reticent- Quiet
Bellicose- Argumentative
Complacent- Content
Docile- Submissive
Aggressive- Hostile
Placid- Peaceful
Playful- Lighthearted
Frisky- Lively
Mentor­- Teacher
Profiteer- One who makes excessive profits
Counterfeiter- Forger
Clairvoyant- Psychic
Propagandist- One who spreads ideas, information
Obscure- Unclear
Deferential- Respectful
Discriminating- Selective
Sanctimonious- Self-righteous
Unrelenting- Insistent
Replicated- Simulated

Ignore- Pay no attention to
Perused- Read thoroughly
Discard- Throw away
Obliterated- Destroyed
Translate- Interpret
Recollected- Remember
Conceal- Hide
Scrutinized- Inspected
Decipher- decode
Deterrent- Prevention
Launched- Began
Panacea- Cure-all
Overcame- Defeated
Barrier- Obstruction
Awakened- Wake up
Catalyst- Something that makes change happen
Stirred- Stimulated
Provocation- Irritation
Mitigated- To make less sever
Conducive- Favorable
Invaluable- Important
Imperative- Essential
Indistinguishable- Identical
Bereft- Deprived of
Miscreants- Troublemakers
Revisionists- People who revise, change
Anomalies- Irregularities
Pacifists- Peace lovers
Extremists- Radicals
Tacit- Unstated
Fervent- Passionate
Unqualified- Untrained
Impetuous- Impulsive
Conditional- Restricted
Regal- Majestic
Imperial- Royal
Simplistic- Basic
Neutral- Unbiased
Liberating- Invigorating
Repressive- Oppressive
Totalitarian- Dictatorial
Absolutist- One who favors autocratic government
Scandalous- Shocking
Compromised- Negotiated
Imagine- Envision
Worthlessness- Insignificance
Reconcile- Settle, bring into agreement
Superiority- Dominance
Embrace- Hug
Insecurity- Uncertainty
Dispel- Dismiss
Inferiority- Weakness
Fathom- Understand
Levity- Lightheartedness
Haughty- Arrogant
Impudent- Rude
Irresolute- Uncertain
Insolent- Rude
Presumptuous- Arrogant
Loquacious- Wordy
Arrogant- Conceited
Articulate- Eloquent
Reverential- Respectful
Contemptuous- Disdainful, disapproving
Satellites- Followers, minions
Antipodes- Opposites
Reversals- Changes, to go back
Bifurcations- Divided into two parts
Dichotomies- Branching into two parts
Filial- Related to a child and his/her parents
Symbiotic- Close association
Avuncular- Friendly, helpful, like an uncle
Convivial- Welcoming
Funerary- Associated with a funeral
Cacophonous- Harsh sounding
Syncopated- Cut short
Harmonic- Good sounding
Collaborative- Shared
Mellifluous- Smooth

Erratic- Unpredictable
Informal- Casual
Elaborate- Complicated
Predictable- Unsurprising
Idiosyncratic- Unusual
Preventive- Precautionary
Regressive- Reverting to a previous way
Catastrophic- Disastrous
Unforeseen- Unanticipated
Moderate- Normal
Arrangement- Agreement
Devoid- Lacking
Entertainment- Amusement
Disparaging- Disapproving
Attitude- Made up of
Consisting- Made up of
Bargain- Deal
Worthy- Admirable
Misfortune- Bad luck
Trusting- Unquestioning
Meddle- Interfere
Scoff- Make fun of
Temporize- To draw out, take time
Prolong- Delay
Misbehave- Be bad
Disrupt- Mock
Sneer- Mock
Terminate- End
Withdraw- Remove
Intrude- Break in
Conduct- Transmit
Release- Let go
Deflect- Repel
Transmit- Convey
Admit- Let in
Contain- Hold
Absorb- Soak up
Dispense- Distribute
Resist- Oppose
Trap- Catch
Reason- Rationale
Dalliance- Idleness
Infelicity- Inappropriateness
Conviction- Certainty
Rhetoric- Oratory
Substance- Material
Pragmatism- Common sense
Futility- Pointlessness
Boorishness- Rudeness
Integrity- Honesty
Fastidious- Fussy
Sedulous- Persistent
Vindictive- Bitter
Petulant- Irritable
Mercenary- Motivated by money
Treacly- Sentimental
Cursory- Quick
Prosaic- Ordinary
Meticulous- Careful
Consecrated- Sacred

Remiss- Careless
Adept- Skilled
Humorous- Funny
Hesitant- Uncertain
Contemptuous- Disdainful
Rebellion- Uprising
Challenged- Confronted
Interrogation- Examination
Fortified- Prepared
Conflagration- Fire
Fostered- Cultivated
Denial- Rejection
Restrained- Reserved
Uprising- Rebellion
Quelled- Put down
Ineffable- Indescribable
Articulated- Expressed
Consummate- Accomplished
Presumptive- Assumed
Deleterious- Harmful
Vacillated- Wavered
Inconsistency- Variation
Sermonized- Preached
Fidelity- Faithfulness
Wavered- Fluctuated, swayed
Steadfastness- Resoluteness
Experimented- Tested
Relied- Rigidity
Negligence- Inattention
Polarized- Divided
Vindication- Justification
Imaginative- Original
Discernment- Judgment
Holistic- Complete, all of something
Censure- Criticism
Complimentary- Praising
Animosity- Hostility
Equitable- Fair
Eulogy- Tribute

Secretiveness- Sneakiness
Cooperation- Collaboration
Understanding- Accepting
Counsel- Advice
Concord- Agreement
Passion- Enthusiasm
Contagious- Infectious
Knowledge- Information
Inaudible- Impossible to hear
Contempt- Dislike
Praiseworthy- Commendable
Propensity- Tendency
Futile- Pointless
Commitment- Dedication
Impersonal- Unfriendly
Momentous- Significant
Formidable- Tough
Decisive- Crucial
Unavoidable- Inescapable
Unexpected- Surprising
Ambiguous- Unclear
Advantageous- Helpful
Beneficial- Useful
Catastrophic- Disastrous
Constructive- Helpful
Release- Free
Elevate- Lift up
Entangle- Ensnare
Shroud- Cover
Attain- Achieve
Opportune- Well-timed
Instantaneous- Immediate
Intermittent- Irregular
Dubious- Doubtful
Extravagant- Excessive
Experimentation- Testing
Eliminate- Get rid of
Arrogance- Egotism
Pursue- Chase
Humility- Humbleness
Advocate- Supporter
Smugness- Overconfidence
Legitimate- Prove something to be lawful
Rigidity- Inflexibility
Console- Comfort

Healthy- Well
Expensive- Costly
Wasteful- Inefficient
Toxic- Poisonous
Inane- Absurd
Idealizes- Romanticizes
Avoids- Keep away from
Beautifies- Makes pretty
Scrutinizes- Looks closely at
Excludes- Keeps out
 Argue- Fight
Contrast- Difference
Testify- Give evidence
Jeopardize- Put at risk
Sustain- Continue
Argue- Fight
Contrast- Difference
Testify- Give evidence
Jeopardize- Put at risk
Sustain- Continue
Plentiful- Abundant
Subtracted- Took away from
Ornate- Elaborate
Retrieved- Got back
Multifarious- Diverse
Catalogued- Documented, recorded
Scarce- Limited
Extracted- Took out
Anachronistic- Out of proper date, time
Extrapolated- inferred, drew conclusions
Byzantine- Intricate, complicated
Adroit- Skilled
Nefarious- Evil
Conscientious- Careful
Devious- Tricky
Lackadaisical- Lazy
Onerous- Burdensome
Slipshod- Careless
Predictable- Unsurprising
Compulsive- Obsessive

Credit- As in a credit card, money to be paid later
Loan- Borrowed money
Faith- Trust
Patronage- Investment, financial backing
Barter- Trade, exchange
Concern- Worry
Cooperation- Collaboration
Urgency- Hurry
Relevance- Significance
Dispute- Argument
Autonomy- Independence
Incoherence- Not understandable
Institution- Instinct
Sophistry- Flawed method of argumentation
Receptivity- Openness
Supplement- Add on to
Integrates- Mixes
Substantiates- Validates
Undermines- Weakens
Remedy- Cure
Compromises- Negotiates
Disparage- Ridicule
Reinforces- Strengthens
Foster- Strengthens
Curtails- Limits
Critics- Opponents
Epitome- Essence
Proponents- Supporters
Realization- Understanding
Advocates- Supporters
Embodiment- Incarnation
Debunkers- One who discredits
Rejection- Refusal
Belittlers- One who makes fun of
Reversal- Turnaround
Partisanship- Bias
Intemperance- Excess
Acumen- Sharpness
Irreverence- Disrespect
Interest- Attention
Deceiving- Misleading
Ingenuous- Honest
Arcane- Mysterious
Abstruse- Obscure
Spare- Light
Didactic- Instructive
Lucid- Clear
Definitive- Ultimate
Concise- To the point
Esoteric- Obscure
Selfishness- Self-centeredness
Inattention- Lack of concentration
Insolence- Disrespect
Virtue- Good quality
Magnanimity- Generous
Pettiness- Small-mindedness, insignificant details
Opportunism- Taking advantage of circumstances
Ambition- Determination
Solicitousness- Anxiousness
Generosity- Kindness
Swimming- Moving Water
Lessening- Decreasing
Descending- Downward
Increasing- Rising
Removing- Taking away
Avoiding- Keeping away from
Returning- Frequenting
Seeing- Witnessing
Climbing- Going up
Creating- Making
Erratic- Unpredictable
Egotistical- Self-centered
Flexible- Bendable
Tactful- Considerate
Inconspicuous- Not noticeable
Resourceful- Imaginative
Courteous- Polite
Tenacious- Stubborn
Manipulative- Scheming
Determined- Resolute
Demonstrative- Expressive
Resolute- Unwavering
Diplomatic- Tactful
Outspoken- Blunt
Indiscriminate- Arbitrary
Consecration- Blessing
Rationalism- Based on reason
Autonomy- Independence
Effacement- Modest behavior
Simplicity- Ease
Rebellious- Disobedient
Conformists- Traditionalist
Apolitical- Not political
Loyalists- People who are faithful
Seditious- Disloyal
Insurrectionists- Rebels
Subversive- Rebellious
Nonpartisans- People are politically neutral
Supportive- Helpful
Opponents- Enemies
Corrective- Fix
Tribute- Honor
Corollary- Result
Stimulus- Motivation
Precursor- Predecessor

Indictment- Condemnation
Illusion- False impression
Copy- Duplicate
Symbol- Sign
Mockery- Ridicule
Adept- Skilled
Temperamental- Easily upset
Congenial- Friendly
Vulnerable- Exposed
Reclusive- Isolated
Knack- Ability
Assess- Evaluate
Penchant- Fondness
Pilfer- Steal
Purpose- Reason
Dispense- Hand out
Predilection- Liking
Disturb- Upset
Remedy- Cure
Raid- Invade
Inseparable- Indivisible
Legitimacy- Validity
Unconcerned- Unworried
Prestige- Status
Derived- Consequential
Profundity- Insightfulness
Related- Connected
Accuracy- Correctness
Diminished- Lessened
Detached- Disinterest
Elitist- Exclusive
Perquisites- Benefits
Monarchical- Like a monarchy, fancy
Tribulations- Troubles
Irreproachable- Faultless
Luxuries- Comforts
Reprehensible- In the wrong
Afflictions- Problems
Commendable- Admirable
Privileges- Benefits

Agnostic- Disbeliever
Eclectic- Diverse
Empiric- Relies on observation and experimentation
Phobic- Fearful
Quixotic- Romantic
Foster- Cultivate
Provide- Supply
Predict- Guess
Allege- Claim
Sustain- Maintain
Question- Doubt
Effect- Result


Sunday, December 8, 2013

15 A CNN

Grammar and Usage
In the following sentences, four parts of each sentence are underlined. If you think any one of the underlined parts is incorrect, choose the letter under that part as your answer. If you think the sentence is correct as written, choose (E) as your answer. Please note: read together, all of the sentences in this section make up a story.

15 A
CNN news

1. CNN is a channel who is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. No Error.
A: WHO is wrong because CNN is not a person, but a company.
2. The 24-hour cable news channel was found in 1980 by American media proprietor Ted Turner. No Error.
A: WAS FOUND is wrong here. Sentence should say “ “was founded.” he/she/it had funded (Past perfect subjunctive). AMERICAN is in capital because it is a proper noun. 
3.  Upon it’s launch, CNN was the first channel to provide 24-hour television news coverage, and the first all-news television channel in the United States. No Error.
A: ITS mean possession (ITS launch). However, IT’S is a contraction for IT IS. After the comma, always identify WHO or WHAT you talking about. Here, you want to have CNN right after the comma. “to provide” is the infinitive tense. “to provide” is correct. Another example: “I like to provide a credit card when I pay my bills.”
 4. While the news channel has numerous affiliates, CNN primarily broadcasts from their headquarters at the CNN Center in Atlanta, the Time Warner Center in New York City, and studios in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. No Error.
A: THEIR IS incorrect. The news channel is singular. Sentence should read “its headquarters.” HAS is correct because we are referring to the present. ATLATAN should be capitalized because it’s a proper noun.
5. CNN is sometimes referred to as CNN/U.S. to distinguish the American channel of its international counterpart, CNN International. No Error.
A: “distinguish … of” is incorrect” “distinguish from” is correct. These associations are like peanut butter and jelly: verb/preposition:
“accused of murder” “agree to buy a house” care about someone” “confide in a friend” “consist of pages”  “(exercise) contributes to good health” “participate in a sport” “succeed in school”
 6. As of August, 2010, CNN is available in over 100 million U.S. households. No Error.
A: “August, 2010” is wrong because there is no specific date (“August 15, 2013”). You do not need a comma here.    
7. Broadcast coverage extends to over 890,000 American hotel rooms, and the U.S. channel is also carried on cable and satellite in Canada.  No Error.
No Error.
8.  Globally, CNN programming airs through CNN International, which can be seen by viewers in over 212 countries and territories. No Error.
A: “countries” is plural. However, “country’s” is possession. “Many countries” is correct. “This country’s flag is red, white, and blue.” More examples: “This city’s mayor is Michael Bloomberg.” Versus “She travelled to three different cities this month.”
9. As of August 2013, approximately 98,496,000 American households (86% of cable, satellite & telco customers) receive CNN. No Error.
A: No Error.  
10. The Cable News Network was launched at 5:00 p.m. ET on June 1, 1980. After an introduction by Ted Turner, the husband and wife team of David Walker and Lois Hart anchored the channels first newscast. Burt Reinhardt, the then executive vice president of CNN, hired most of CNN's first 200 employees, including the network's first news anchorBernard Shaw. No Error.
A: CHANNEL’S shows POSESSION. Conversely, “CHANNELS” without the apostrophe means “several channels”
11. Since their debut, CNN has expanded its reach to a number of cable and satellite television providers, several websites, and specialized closed-circuit channels (such as CNN Airport Network). No Error.
A: THEIR IS wrong here because CNN is ONE network so it should say ITS DEBUT, not THEIR.
12. The company has 36 bureaus (10 domestic and 26 international), more then 900 affiliated local stations, and several regional and foreign-language networks around the world. No Error.
A: THEN is time sequence. However THAN is a comparison.
13.  The channel's success made a bona-fide mogul of founder Ted Turner and sets the stage for the Time Warner conglomerate's eventual acquisition of Turner Broadcasting System in 1996. No Error.
A: SET because ONE channel SETS but MANY channels set.
14. A companion channel, CNN2, was launched on January 1 1982 and featured a continuous 24-hour cycle of 30-minute news broadcasts. No Error.  
A: You need a comma after “1” because it’s a specific date.
15. The channel, who later became known as "CNN Headline News" and then simply "HLN", eventually focused on live news coverage supplemented by personality-based programs during the evening and primetime hours. No Error.
A: Channel is not a person so you don’t use WHO.
16. CNN was the first cable news channel to break the news of the September 11 Attacks. News anchor Carol Lin was on the air to deliver the first public report of the event. She broke into a commercial at 8:49 a.m. ET and said: No Error.
A: You need a comma before and after “Carol Lin”
This just in. You are looking at obviously a very disturbing live shot there. That is the World Trade Center, and we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. CNN Center right now is just beginning to work on this story, obviously calling our sources and trying to figure out exactly what happened, but clearly something relatively devastating happening this morning there on the south end of the island of Manhattan. That is once again, a picture of one of the towers of the World Trade Center.
17. Sean Murtagh, CNN Vice President of Finance and Administration, was the first network employee on the air. He called into the CNN center from his office at CNNs New York bureau and reported that a commercial jet hit the World Trade Center. No Error.
A: CNN’s New York Bureau because you are showing possession, not multiple CNNs.
17. Daryn Kagan and Leon Harris was live on the air just after 9:00 a.m. as the second plane hit the World Trade Center. No Error.
A: WAS is singular. WERE live.
18. Later, Aaron Brown anchored through the day and night as the attacks unfolded. Brown had just come to CNN from ABC to be the breaking News Anchor. No Error.
A: lowercase NEWS ANCHOR
19. Paula Zahn assisted in the September 11 2001, coverage on her first day as a CNN reporter, a fact that she mentioned as a guest clue presenter on a 2005 episode of Jeopardy! No Error.
A: You need a comma after 11.
20. CNN has made archival files of much of the days broadcast available in five segments plus an overview. No Error.
A: Day’s broadcast to show possession.  

14 A Rafiki means friend

Grammar and Usage
In the following sentences, four parts of each sentence are underlined. If you think any one of the underlined parts is incorrect, choose the letter under that part as your answer. If you think the sentence is correct as written, choose (E) as your answer. Please note: read together, all of the sentences in this section make up a story.

Rafiki Means Friend
by Denny Dart

Derived from the 2006 ELA exam. Grammar Questions Created by Kweller Prep (and Shane Werther!)

1. When she was twelve years old Raha earned a scholarship to study at a boarding school in England. No Error.
A: Comma is necessary after “old” and before “Raha.”
2. She kissed her little sisters’s chubby cheeks and she patted the cow’s brown shoulder. No Error.
A: “ Sister’s” is incorrect. Sentence should read, “Sister’s round cheek”
3. Additionally, she hugged Mama’s wide waist. Than, Raha and her father Baba rode the crowded bus to the airport. No error.
A: THAN is wrong here. THAN is only used for comparison. For example, “She is taller than I am.” However, THEN is used for time sequence.   For example. “First then second.”
4. “I named you Raha, which means happiness.” Baba said. “Remember that. No Error.
A: You need a comma after “happiness” (,) not a period.
5. As the plane took off, Raha looked out the window at the goat herds and brown rivers of kenya.  No Error.
A: “Kenya” is a proper noun and must be capitalized.
6. She gazed down at the green fields where she used to run like the wind    No Error.
A: The period is missing after “wind.” You need to end this sentence with a period. 
7. At school in England, Raha wished Baba had told her to study hard and to practice running everyday. That was much easier than staying happy.  No Error.
A: The adjective everyday (written as one word) means routine, ordinary, or commonplace. The adverb every day (two words) means “each day”. Here you need to have a space between “every” and “day”. Example: "There is nothing in philosophy which could not be said in everyday language." (Henri Bergson) Again, “everyday” is an adjective which means “daily”. An adjective is a describing word and it usually modifies a noun (person, place, or thing).

8. The teachers gave her dozens of math problem to solve, essays to write, and books to read.  No Error.
A: “problems” not “problem” -- Sentence should read: “The teachers gave her dozens of math problems to solve, essays to write, and books to read.” 
9. She ran to her classes through cold rain, while clutching her books in side her blue blazer. No Error.
A: “inside” is one word.
10. At school in England, it wasnt easy for Raha to stay happy. No Error.
A: “Wasn’t” not “wasnt”: The apostrophe is missing.
11. Her running coach John, gave her a striped shirt and white shorts, shoes with cleats for sprints, and another pair of shorts with spongy soles for cross-country. No Error
A:  You need a comma after “coach” before “John”
12. Raha have always run barefoot at home, and the shoes felt tight on her toes. But all the other runners wore shoes, and Raha didn’t want to be different. No Error.
A: “had” not “have”
13. The team practiced every weekday afternoon. On saturdays, everyone watched rugby— except for Raha.  No Error.
A: “Saturdays” needs to be capitalized because it is a day of the week and a proper noun.
 14. On Saturdays. She ran alone on country lanes lined with thistle and blackberries. She ran over fields thick with mud. No Error.
A: After “Saturdays” you need a comma not a period. Also, “She” should be in lowercase.
15. The cold air stung her throat, and her shoes got stuck in the mud, slowing her down. She missed running barefoot and speedily under the hot african sun.  No Error.
A: “African” must be capitalized because it is a proper noun.
16. Each day at lunch, Raha sat alone in the large hall, eating rubbery roast beef and Brussels sprouts. No Error.
A: No Error. By the way, Brussel sprouts are a vegetable consisting of the small compact bud of a variety of cabbage.
17. She wished she was home, eating spicy soup from a calabash (wooden) bowl and laughing with her family. Her mouth craved fish, coconut, and sweet golden papaya. No Error.
A: "She wished she were home” is correct. This is an example of the rarely used subjunctive in English. "Were" is the form of "be" to use after "wish" - in all persons - when you are referring to a present situation that is a fantasy, that may be untrue, that describes the situation the way you want it to be, NOT the way that it REALLY is. In THIS sentence, the reality is that she is being wishful, so “were” is appropriate.
18. One Saturday. Raha ran up a hill and found herself in a barnyard. One of her classmates, a student named Thomas, stood just inside the barn doors. After he greeted her Raha asked, “Why aren’t you watching rugby?” No Error.  
A: You need a comma after “her” and before “Raha.” By the way, rugby is a form of football.  
19. “I have to help my father said Thomas. “Would you like to see the cows.”  No Error.
A: You need a question mark (?) After “cows”
20. Raha entered the barn, and the familiar smell of cows surrounded her.  “We have a cow at home.” she said. “I call her Rafiki. That means friend.” No Error.
A: You do not need a period after “home” but a comma (,)