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SAT words from college board blue book

Foresight- Forethought
Nostalgia- Wistful, longing
Folly- Foolishness
Despair- Misery
Artistry- Creativity
Intricate- Complicated
Candid- Sincere
Ostentatious- Showy, pretentious
Fictional- Imaginary
Convoluted- Elaborate
Capricious- Unpredictable, impulsive
Bombastic- Pompous
Loquacious- Talkative, wordy
Dispassionate- Calm
Decorous- Well-behaved
Emotional- Touching
Intellectual- Academic
Chance- Unintended
Random- Arbitrary
Intuitive- Instinctive
Deliberate- On purpose
Instinctive- Natural
Intentional- Planned, intended
Logical- Rational
Streamlined- Sleek, smooth, efficient
Infighting- Internal strife
Mitigated- Moderate, to make less severe
Jingoism- Patriotism
Ossified- Hardened
Bureaucratization- To complicate through overregulation
Politicized- To make political
Innovation- Originality
Venerable- Respected, esteemed
Legislation- The process of writing and passing laws

Cowardice- Fearfulness
Prudence- Carefulness
Hospitality- Generosity, kindness
Aloofness- Unfriendliness
Loyalty- Faithfulness
Applauded- Highly praised
Derailed- Wrecked, spoiled
Acknowledged- Recognized
Permitted- Allowed
Anticipated- Expected
Condition- Circumstances
Highlight- Focus
Stimulus- Incentive, motivation
Dictum- Saying, motto
Respite- Break
Negotiate- Discuss, bargain
Concessions- the act of conceding or yielding
Antagonize- Irritate
Friends- Acquaintances
Surrender- Give up, admit defeat
Enemies- Foes
Dominate- control, rule
Inquiries- Investigation
Equivocate- Be evasive, beat around the bush
Denunciations- Public condemnation
Rousing- Stirring
Memorable- Unforgettable
Pedestrian- Ordinary
Evolving- Developing
Chaotic- Disorganized
Unprecedented- Extraordinary
Derivative- Not original
Inept- Incompetent
Spontaneous- Impulsive
Graceless- Clumsy
Cheapened- To decrease the quality of
Affordable- Reasonably priced
Transformed- Changed
Viable- Possible
Revolutionized- Radically altered
Prohibitive- Prevent or forbid, too expensive
Provoked- Aggravated
 Improbable- Unlikely
Stimulated- Inspired
Inaccessible- Unreachable
Cryptic- Mysterious
Judicious- Sensible
Jubilant- Excited
Supercilious- Arrogant
Pugnacious- Confrontational
Belligerence- Hostility
Indigence- Poverty
Perfidy- Disloyalty
Aspersion- Criticism, slander
Tenacity- Stubbornness

Imprecise- Insect
Straightforward- Uncomplicated
Deficient- Lacking
Obtrusive- Elliptical- Indirect, oval-shaped
Hollow- empty
Sparse- thin, meager
Thunderous- Loud
Enormous- Huge
Deafening- Noisy
Unimpressive- Mediocre
Muted- Quiet
Negligible- Insignificant
Rousing- Inspiring
Advanced- Better
Setback- Delay
Altered- Distorted
Revolution- Uprising
Contradicted- Denied
Truce- Peace
Reinforced- Toughened
Crisis- Disaster
Halted- Stopped
Breakthrough- Step forward
Credence- Credibility
Irrefutable- Unquestionable
Disrepute- Disrespect
Dubious- Doubtful
Acceptance- Agreement
Convincing- Believable
Momentum- Drive
Systematic- Orderly
Currency- Uncertain
Inconclusive- Uncertain
Palpable- Tangible, obvious
Diaphanous- See through
Variegated- Multicolored
Luxurious- Comfortable
Anomalous- Abnormal, strange
Egalitarian- Equal
Dowager- a respected, rich woman
Dilettante- Amateur
Iconoclast- One who challenges tradition
Purveyor- Seller

Convincing- Believable
Misinterpret- Misunderstand
Misleading- Deceptive
Anticipate- Expect
Predictable- Unsurprising
Foresee- Predict
Ironic- Sarcastic
Endorse- Approve
Spellbinding- Fascinating
Ignore- Pay no attention to
Liquefying- To make or become a liquid
Founder- Creator
Contaminating- Ruining
Backfire- Go wrong
Purifying- To make pure
Boomerang- Rebound
Saturating- Fill up
Reciprocate- Give in return
Polluting- To make unclean
Prevail- Succeed
Dispassionate- Unemotional
Insubstantial- Weak
Esoteric- Obscure
Capricious- Unpredictable
Indignant- Angry
Conclusive- Definite
Reality- Truth
Tenable- Reasonable
Misconception- False Impression
Mythical- Imaginary
Possibility- Likelihood
Erroneous- Mistaken
Delusion- Illusion
Hypothetical- Theoretical
Digression- Sidetrack
Substantiated- Proved
Impugned- Challenged as false
Protected- Sheltered
United- Joined, combined
Mollified- Soften
Flotsam- Debris
Reconnaissance- Investigation
Decimation- To destroy
Raiment- Clothing
Sustenance- Nourishment
Disposition- Temperament
 Cantankerous- Irritable
Anatomy- Makeup
Churlish- Rude
Outlook- Viewpoint
Benevolent- Kind
Personality- Character
Laconic- Terse, using few words
Stature- Physique, standing
Robust- Healthy
Mercurial- Changing, unexpected
Corrosive- Destroy gradually
Disingenuous- Insincere
Implacable- Merciless
Phlegmatic- Apathetic, impassive

Ensured- To make sure or certain
Approved- Accepted
Belittled- Mock
Eliminated- Removed
Defended- Protected
Amateurish- Unprofessional
Professional- Skilled, qualified
Lax- Laidback, careless
Harsh- Cruel
Selective- Careful
Inclusive- All-encompassing
Judgmental- Critical
Discriminating- Discerning
Sensitive- Responsive
Insightful- Perceptive
Verbose- Wordy
Mundane- Ordinary
Concise- Brief
Elaborate- Complex
Comprehensive- Complete
Edifying- Enlightening
Succinct- Short, to the point
Enlightening- Informative
Provocative- Stimulating
Technical- Related to mechanics or science
Aggregation- Collection of different things
Inclination- Tendency
Prognosis- Prediction
Retrenchment- Cutback
Preeminence- Supremacy
Unequivocal- Clear
Effusive- Overenthusiastic
Incorrigible- Persistent
Tenuous- Questionable
Ineffable- Indescribable

Lush- Abundant
Sprawling- Expansive
Desolate- Deserted
Gaudy- Extravagant
Monumental- Immense
Misnomer- Wrong name
Hybrid- Mixture
Vector- Quantity with magnitude and direction
Curative- Healing
Precursor- Predecessor
Stringent- Severe
Dispersive- Spread, scatter
Conditional- Restricted
Recessive- To go backward
Obtrusive- Unmistakable
Revolutionary- Innovative
Promoted- Further, advance
Positive- Encouraging
Prohibited- Forbidden
Successful- Triumphant
Protested- Disapproved of, fought against
Divisive- Disruptive
Restricted- Limited
Militant- Confrontational
Fostered- Promoted the growth of
Bucolic- Rural
Prolific- Productive
Lugubrious- Sad
Sundry- Various
Metaphorical- Symbolic
Misguided- Mistaken
Remonstrance- Complaint
Absurd- Ridiculous
Erudition- Sophistication
Plausible- Possible
Lassitude- Weariness
Painstaking- Thorough
Fabrication- Untruth
Wrongheaded- Foolish
Chicanery- Trickery
Cosmopolitan- Sophisticated

Defense- Resistance
Worldly- Experienced
Inspiration- Motivation
Moral- Ethical
Obligation- Duty
Stunted- Underdeveloped
Condition- State
Limited- Incomplete
Center- Middle
Hinder- Hold back
Reconcile- Settle, bring into agreement
Control- Organize
Soothe- Calm
Extend- Expand
Coddled- To treat tenderly
Taunted- Teased
Prodded- Nudged
Ousted- Get rid of
Chided- Scolded
Exhilarating- Exciting
Banal- Dull
Shocking- Outrageous
Prophetic- Visionary
Startling- Surprising
Revolutionary- Ground-breaking
Appalling- Terrible
Groundbreaking- Innovative
Unanticipated- Unexpected
Irrelevant- Unrelated
Digression- Aside
Proximity- Nearness
Expansion- Growth
Stabilization- To make permanent, stable
Correlation- Association
Benign- Kind
Cantankerous- Irritable
Reticent- Quiet
Bellicose- Argumentative
Complacent- Content
Docile- Submissive
Aggressive- Hostile
Placid- Peaceful
Playful- Lighthearted
Frisky- Lively
Mentor­- Teacher
Profiteer- One who makes excessive profits
Counterfeiter- Forger
Clairvoyant- Psychic
Propagandist- One who spreads ideas, information
Obscure- Unclear
Deferential- Respectful
Discriminating- Selective
Sanctimonious- Self-righteous
Unrelenting- Insistent
Replicated- Simulated

Ignore- Pay no attention to
Perused- Read thoroughly
Discard- Throw away
Obliterated- Destroyed
Translate- Interpret
Recollected- Remember
Conceal- Hide
Scrutinized- Inspected
Decipher- decode
Deterrent- Prevention
Launched- Began
Panacea- Cure-all
Overcame- Defeated
Barrier- Obstruction
Awakened- Wake up
Catalyst- Something that makes change happen
Stirred- Stimulated
Provocation- Irritation
Mitigated- To make less sever
Conducive- Favorable
Invaluable- Important
Imperative- Essential
Indistinguishable- Identical
Bereft- Deprived of
Miscreants- Troublemakers
Revisionists- People who revise, change
Anomalies- Irregularities
Pacifists- Peace lovers
Extremists- Radicals
Tacit- Unstated
Fervent- Passionate
Unqualified- Untrained
Impetuous- Impulsive
Conditional- Restricted
Regal- Majestic
Imperial- Royal
Simplistic- Basic
Neutral- Unbiased
Liberating- Invigorating
Repressive- Oppressive
Totalitarian- Dictatorial
Absolutist- One who favors autocratic government
Scandalous- Shocking
Compromised- Negotiated
Imagine- Envision
Worthlessness- Insignificance
Reconcile- Settle, bring into agreement
Superiority- Dominance
Embrace- Hug
Insecurity- Uncertainty
Dispel- Dismiss
Inferiority- Weakness
Fathom- Understand
Levity- Lightheartedness
Haughty- Arrogant
Impudent- Rude
Irresolute- Uncertain
Insolent- Rude
Presumptuous- Arrogant
Loquacious- Wordy
Arrogant- Conceited
Articulate- Eloquent
Reverential- Respectful
Contemptuous- Disdainful, disapproving
Satellites- Followers, minions
Antipodes- Opposites
Reversals- Changes, to go back
Bifurcations- Divided into two parts
Dichotomies- Branching into two parts
Filial- Related to a child and his/her parents
Symbiotic- Close association
Avuncular- Friendly, helpful, like an uncle
Convivial- Welcoming
Funerary- Associated with a funeral
Cacophonous- Harsh sounding
Syncopated- Cut short
Harmonic- Good sounding
Collaborative- Shared
Mellifluous- Smooth

Erratic- Unpredictable
Informal- Casual
Elaborate- Complicated
Predictable- Unsurprising
Idiosyncratic- Unusual
Preventive- Precautionary
Regressive- Reverting to a previous way
Catastrophic- Disastrous
Unforeseen- Unanticipated
Moderate- Normal
Arrangement- Agreement
Devoid- Lacking
Entertainment- Amusement
Disparaging- Disapproving
Attitude- Made up of
Consisting- Made up of
Bargain- Deal
Worthy- Admirable
Misfortune- Bad luck
Trusting- Unquestioning
Meddle- Interfere
Scoff- Make fun of
Temporize- To draw out, take time
Prolong- Delay
Misbehave- Be bad
Disrupt- Mock
Sneer- Mock
Terminate- End
Withdraw- Remove
Intrude- Break in
Conduct- Transmit
Release- Let go
Deflect- Repel
Transmit- Convey
Admit- Let in
Contain- Hold
Absorb- Soak up
Dispense- Distribute
Resist- Oppose
Trap- Catch
Reason- Rationale
Dalliance- Idleness
Infelicity- Inappropriateness
Conviction- Certainty
Rhetoric- Oratory
Substance- Material
Pragmatism- Common sense
Futility- Pointlessness
Boorishness- Rudeness
Integrity- Honesty
Fastidious- Fussy
Sedulous- Persistent
Vindictive- Bitter
Petulant- Irritable
Mercenary- Motivated by money
Treacly- Sentimental
Cursory- Quick
Prosaic- Ordinary
Meticulous- Careful
Consecrated- Sacred

Remiss- Careless
Adept- Skilled
Humorous- Funny
Hesitant- Uncertain
Contemptuous- Disdainful
Rebellion- Uprising
Challenged- Confronted
Interrogation- Examination
Fortified- Prepared
Conflagration- Fire
Fostered- Cultivated
Denial- Rejection
Restrained- Reserved
Uprising- Rebellion
Quelled- Put down
Ineffable- Indescribable
Articulated- Expressed
Consummate- Accomplished
Presumptive- Assumed
Deleterious- Harmful
Vacillated- Wavered
Inconsistency- Variation
Sermonized- Preached
Fidelity- Faithfulness
Wavered- Fluctuated, swayed
Steadfastness- Resoluteness
Experimented- Tested
Relied- Rigidity
Negligence- Inattention
Polarized- Divided
Vindication- Justification
Imaginative- Original
Discernment- Judgment
Holistic- Complete, all of something
Censure- Criticism
Complimentary- Praising
Animosity- Hostility
Equitable- Fair
Eulogy- Tribute

Secretiveness- Sneakiness
Cooperation- Collaboration
Understanding- Accepting
Counsel- Advice
Concord- Agreement
Passion- Enthusiasm
Contagious- Infectious
Knowledge- Information
Inaudible- Impossible to hear
Contempt- Dislike
Praiseworthy- Commendable
Propensity- Tendency
Futile- Pointless
Commitment- Dedication
Impersonal- Unfriendly
Momentous- Significant
Formidable- Tough
Decisive- Crucial
Unavoidable- Inescapable
Unexpected- Surprising
Ambiguous- Unclear
Advantageous- Helpful
Beneficial- Useful
Catastrophic- Disastrous
Constructive- Helpful
Release- Free
Elevate- Lift up
Entangle- Ensnare
Shroud- Cover
Attain- Achieve
Opportune- Well-timed
Instantaneous- Immediate
Intermittent- Irregular
Dubious- Doubtful
Extravagant- Excessive
Experimentation- Testing
Eliminate- Get rid of
Arrogance- Egotism
Pursue- Chase
Humility- Humbleness
Advocate- Supporter
Smugness- Overconfidence
Legitimate- Prove something to be lawful
Rigidity- Inflexibility
Console- Comfort

Healthy- Well
Expensive- Costly
Wasteful- Inefficient
Toxic- Poisonous
Inane- Absurd
Idealizes- Romanticizes
Avoids- Keep away from
Beautifies- Makes pretty
Scrutinizes- Looks closely at
Excludes- Keeps out
 Argue- Fight
Contrast- Difference
Testify- Give evidence
Jeopardize- Put at risk
Sustain- Continue
Argue- Fight
Contrast- Difference
Testify- Give evidence
Jeopardize- Put at risk
Sustain- Continue
Plentiful- Abundant
Subtracted- Took away from
Ornate- Elaborate
Retrieved- Got back
Multifarious- Diverse
Catalogued- Documented, recorded
Scarce- Limited
Extracted- Took out
Anachronistic- Out of proper date, time
Extrapolated- inferred, drew conclusions
Byzantine- Intricate, complicated
Adroit- Skilled
Nefarious- Evil
Conscientious- Careful
Devious- Tricky
Lackadaisical- Lazy
Onerous- Burdensome
Slipshod- Careless
Predictable- Unsurprising
Compulsive- Obsessive

Credit- As in a credit card, money to be paid later
Loan- Borrowed money
Faith- Trust
Patronage- Investment, financial backing
Barter- Trade, exchange
Concern- Worry
Cooperation- Collaboration
Urgency- Hurry
Relevance- Significance
Dispute- Argument
Autonomy- Independence
Incoherence- Not understandable
Institution- Instinct
Sophistry- Flawed method of argumentation
Receptivity- Openness
Supplement- Add on to
Integrates- Mixes
Substantiates- Validates
Undermines- Weakens
Remedy- Cure
Compromises- Negotiates
Disparage- Ridicule
Reinforces- Strengthens
Foster- Strengthens
Curtails- Limits
Critics- Opponents
Epitome- Essence
Proponents- Supporters
Realization- Understanding
Advocates- Supporters
Embodiment- Incarnation
Debunkers- One who discredits
Rejection- Refusal
Belittlers- One who makes fun of
Reversal- Turnaround
Partisanship- Bias
Intemperance- Excess
Acumen- Sharpness
Irreverence- Disrespect
Interest- Attention
Deceiving- Misleading
Ingenuous- Honest
Arcane- Mysterious
Abstruse- Obscure
Spare- Light
Didactic- Instructive
Lucid- Clear
Definitive- Ultimate
Concise- To the point
Esoteric- Obscure
Selfishness- Self-centeredness
Inattention- Lack of concentration
Insolence- Disrespect
Virtue- Good quality
Magnanimity- Generous
Pettiness- Small-mindedness, insignificant details
Opportunism- Taking advantage of circumstances
Ambition- Determination
Solicitousness- Anxiousness
Generosity- Kindness
Swimming- Moving Water
Lessening- Decreasing
Descending- Downward
Increasing- Rising
Removing- Taking away
Avoiding- Keeping away from
Returning- Frequenting
Seeing- Witnessing
Climbing- Going up
Creating- Making
Erratic- Unpredictable
Egotistical- Self-centered
Flexible- Bendable
Tactful- Considerate
Inconspicuous- Not noticeable
Resourceful- Imaginative
Courteous- Polite
Tenacious- Stubborn
Manipulative- Scheming
Determined- Resolute
Demonstrative- Expressive
Resolute- Unwavering
Diplomatic- Tactful
Outspoken- Blunt
Indiscriminate- Arbitrary
Consecration- Blessing
Rationalism- Based on reason
Autonomy- Independence
Effacement- Modest behavior
Simplicity- Ease
Rebellious- Disobedient
Conformists- Traditionalist
Apolitical- Not political
Loyalists- People who are faithful
Seditious- Disloyal
Insurrectionists- Rebels
Subversive- Rebellious
Nonpartisans- People are politically neutral
Supportive- Helpful
Opponents- Enemies
Corrective- Fix
Tribute- Honor
Corollary- Result
Stimulus- Motivation
Precursor- Predecessor

Indictment- Condemnation
Illusion- False impression
Copy- Duplicate
Symbol- Sign
Mockery- Ridicule
Adept- Skilled
Temperamental- Easily upset
Congenial- Friendly
Vulnerable- Exposed
Reclusive- Isolated
Knack- Ability
Assess- Evaluate
Penchant- Fondness
Pilfer- Steal
Purpose- Reason
Dispense- Hand out
Predilection- Liking
Disturb- Upset
Remedy- Cure
Raid- Invade
Inseparable- Indivisible
Legitimacy- Validity
Unconcerned- Unworried
Prestige- Status
Derived- Consequential
Profundity- Insightfulness
Related- Connected
Accuracy- Correctness
Diminished- Lessened
Detached- Disinterest
Elitist- Exclusive
Perquisites- Benefits
Monarchical- Like a monarchy, fancy
Tribulations- Troubles
Irreproachable- Faultless
Luxuries- Comforts
Reprehensible- In the wrong
Afflictions- Problems
Commendable- Admirable
Privileges- Benefits

Agnostic- Disbeliever
Eclectic- Diverse
Empiric- Relies on observation and experimentation
Phobic- Fearful
Quixotic- Romantic
Foster- Cultivate
Provide- Supply
Predict- Guess
Allege- Claim
Sustain- Maintain
Question- Doubt
Effect- Result


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