Wednesday, May 8, 2013

on Video Game Addiction

I need to quickly address an ongoing concern-- it is that of video game addiction.

This topic brings up many emotions with in me and I'm going to make a few quick CLEAR points

A VIDEO GAME ADDICTION is an ADDICTION just like any other; just like drugs or gambling or alcohol. Parents please treat it as so.

Would you buy your child marijuana? heroine? then why would you buy your kid video games, which have psychedelic effects, and are directly related to increased suicide risk and adolescent depression?

I've seen grades plummet over Call Of Duty and College Scholarships Lost. Please think twice before buying the game.

The video games of 20 years ago are nothing like they are today. They are cleverly designed to keep you engaged for days and days...

Notice the gambling casinos on Vegas? No windows (so you can't tell time) no clocks and they have cute girls serving free coffee all  the time so you play and play and play.. I even heard they spray stimulants in the air to keep you there.

If you must, get therapy and invest in adolescent therapy. Go to an addiction specialist.

Parents please do not treat 20 hours of video game playing as a cute weekend hobby.

The end

... for now