Monday, February 7, 2011

"One wonderful source of information for us has been from Kweller Prep"

One wonderful source of information for us has been from Kweller Prep. If this sounds like a plug for this learning center, then so be it. If you are in the New York City area, I highly recommend a consultation with them as they offer a range of assistance from tutoring to tests prep to finding scholarships to completing college applications and more.

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Feel unprepared for the SAT?

Come to one of our SAT in a DAY workshops!

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Check website for more dates : tentatively scheduled for
Sunday, March 6, 2011, Sunday, May 1, 2011
Sunday, May 29, 2011

Major Nationwide Change in School Lunch Menu

Major changes are coming to school lunches across the country and some people aren't happy about it. In an effort to curb rampant obesity, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued new guidelines for nutrition in cafeterias.

Many popular items may find themselves on the chopping block. French fries, pepperoni pizza, and even chocolate milk are being removed from menus in a desperate attempt to lower the amounts of sodium of calories in students' diets. The key, regulators believe, is by giving healthier alternatives to get children accustomed to making better choices. Chocolate and whole milk will be replaced by skim and 1%, French Fries and other starches are being limited to one cup a week and more emphasis will be placed on fresh, leafy greens.

Some criticize the new plan. One principal interviewed estimated that the changes would raise the cost of the meals by 14 cents, only 6 of which the government would pay for. Critics argue that the burden is too much for schools which are already suffering major budget shortfalls. Not only would the food they prepare cost more, but many schools have already offset cafeteria costs by allowing “competitive foods” from chains into the schools.

But the stakes are high. This is a country where 17% of children are not only heavy, but obese. And in a country that is getting progressively sicker (this generation is expected to be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than the one before) the schools have a responsibility to be teaching children how to live properly. It is the one subject our children cannot be allowed to fail.

College Education is Tax Deductible-- Slightly

Good news for parents looking for ways to help afford college! In a recent U.S. News & World Report article, there are two important tax credits that can help lessen that tuition burden. Here are some quick facts:

The American Opportunity Credit
 Up to $2,500 per eligible student
 Available for the first 4 years of post-secondary education
 Student must be pursuing an undergraduate degree
 Good for tuition, fees and course-related books and equipment
 Usable by taxpayers making less than $80,000 or $160,000 for joint returns by married couples

Lifetime Learning Credit
 Up to $2,000 per eligible student.
 Available for all years of post-secondary education, as well as courses to gain/improve job skills
 Students need not be pursuing a degree
 Usable by taxpayers making less than $60,000 or $120,000 for joint returns by married couples

For more information, check out the whole article here

Public Colleges-- Cheap No More!

Public colleges and universities have long been a boon to parents. By principally receiving their money from the state, these institutions have traditionally been able to subsidize their tuition, meaning a comparable education for a fraction of the cost of many private schools.

However, even these schools are not immune to the effects of the recession. As times become tougher and many states slash their education budgets, public universities have had to shift where they receive their funding from. A recent article in The New York Times reported,

“The burden on students is likely to keep growing. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 30 states face shortfalls of at least 10 percent of their budgets next year. And given the difficulties of cutting costs for Medicaid or K-12 schools, which get the biggest chunk of state budgets, appropriations for higher education are likely to shrivel further, leaving public universities ever more dependent on tuition money.”

Perhaps hardest hit is the state of California, which has raised public tuition 30% over the last two years and is proposing massive cuts in state aid. Out-of-state tuition of UC schools is already over $50,000, rivaling private colleges.

The key for students and parents applying to schools is not to assume that a public college will be cheaper, especially if you are applying out-of-state. Explore all funding possibilities like scholarships, grants, prizes and subsidized loans and with enough due diligence you might save yourself from an unexpectedly high bill.

An Evening with a College Financial Planning and Scholarship Expert

February 21st, 2010-- Kweller Prep Educational Services is hosting a special Parents-Only workshop, “An Evening with a College Financial Planning and Scholarship Expert”. We will be discussing the ins-and-outs of college scholarships and financial aid programs and the best ways to prepare for rising college costs.

There's a lot you might not know. There is a reason why some students pay over $50,000 a year for college while others pay next to nothing, and it is a secret that will be revealed! Many of the preconceived myths of college costs will be debunked. Learn why saving money under your kids' names can help you lose it! Find out how to get your children a private-school education for less than the cost of a state university!

This is not an opportunity you can afford to miss. Join us at Kweller Prep, conveniently located in the heart of Forest Hills at 104-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 1E (Parking Lot in Rear). All materials are included for the price of $30 for new Kweller Prep members and just $10 for current members.
Seats are going fast so be sure to reserve yours by calling 1-800-631-1757 or emailing See you there!

Kweller Prep Remains Open During Blizzard

December 26, 2010- It was an epically miserable January day when the city was buried. Snow as deep as a foot and a half in places smothered every thoroughfare and cut off the city's vital arteries like a cold, white heart attack. The subways were disrupted, side streets were impassable and the main avenues were only for the bravest of us. This vibrant “city that never sleeps” went deathly still.

And still, Kweller Prep opened its doors for business. We've been asked what makes us different from other tutoring centers and while we have many answers, we think the simplest one is that we're dedicated to the students more than any other company. We are the kind of place that stays open in a snowstorm that otherwise shuts down the city. Kweller Prep has faithfully served and continues to serve its neighbors in Forest Hills, giving proven results to parents and bright futures to students.

We know you have many choices when it comes to tutoring and test preparation. Our competitors think they have education down to a simple formula. They are so confident, in fact, that they open countless identical centers across the country that use the same strategy of teaching the same lessons out of same book to clients. They are wrong.

And if we lived in a world where every student was the same and learned in the exact same way, we might agree with them. But in the real world, what works for sophomore Bridgette Smith in St. Paul, Minnesota might not work for 8th grader Robert Koh in Sarasota, Florida. Every student is different and requires different strategies, different curriculum and most importantly of all, every student deserves to have their individual needs met.

The only possible result through the personal approach Kweller Prep takes is that of success-- We are not a chain: we serve the community with gifted tutors hand-selected from the top local universities. We tutor all subjects as well as Regents, IB, PSAT, SATs, ACTs, as well as provide students with organization, note-taking and study skills, college selection and applications, and post-graduate skills like resumé building and interview techniques.

Sample letter to teacher-new student

Kweller Prep Tutoring and Educational Services
104-40 Queens Blvd. Suite 1E Forest Hills, NY 11375 1(800)-631- 1757¨

February 4th, 2011

Dear Teacher:

I am writing to inform you that XXX XXXX will now be coming to tutoring every day after school at Kweller Prep Educational Center. We know that he struggles a lot in English and we would greatly appreciate of you could provide us with any materials/ papers/ make up HW assignments that could better improve his grades in your class.
We look forward to working together. Any extra materials or assignment that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any additional comments you could make to help us as we work with XXX-XXXX would be great. Please feel free to use the back sheet of this paper to write any additional comments that will further help us make Shin improve in your class.

Please contact our tutoring center at any time at the above number if you have any further questions.


Frances Kweller, J.D. and the Kweller Prep Tutoring Team

Regents, SAT, Multi-lingual College-Counseling and More.
Located in the Heart of Forest Hills