Monday, February 7, 2011

Kweller Prep Remains Open During Blizzard

December 26, 2010- It was an epically miserable January day when the city was buried. Snow as deep as a foot and a half in places smothered every thoroughfare and cut off the city's vital arteries like a cold, white heart attack. The subways were disrupted, side streets were impassable and the main avenues were only for the bravest of us. This vibrant “city that never sleeps” went deathly still.

And still, Kweller Prep opened its doors for business. We've been asked what makes us different from other tutoring centers and while we have many answers, we think the simplest one is that we're dedicated to the students more than any other company. We are the kind of place that stays open in a snowstorm that otherwise shuts down the city. Kweller Prep has faithfully served and continues to serve its neighbors in Forest Hills, giving proven results to parents and bright futures to students.

We know you have many choices when it comes to tutoring and test preparation. Our competitors think they have education down to a simple formula. They are so confident, in fact, that they open countless identical centers across the country that use the same strategy of teaching the same lessons out of same book to clients. They are wrong.

And if we lived in a world where every student was the same and learned in the exact same way, we might agree with them. But in the real world, what works for sophomore Bridgette Smith in St. Paul, Minnesota might not work for 8th grader Robert Koh in Sarasota, Florida. Every student is different and requires different strategies, different curriculum and most importantly of all, every student deserves to have their individual needs met.

The only possible result through the personal approach Kweller Prep takes is that of success-- We are not a chain: we serve the community with gifted tutors hand-selected from the top local universities. We tutor all subjects as well as Regents, IB, PSAT, SATs, ACTs, as well as provide students with organization, note-taking and study skills, college selection and applications, and post-graduate skills like resumé building and interview techniques.

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