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Kweller Prep Yelp Review

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I decided to take Kweller Prep at the last minute before the Hunter test and we crammed for 8 weeks of intense review. It payed off My son got accepted to Hunter College High School. The tutors helped ascertain the areas that my son needed to work on. Specifically, we did intense review on essay writing. My son wrote 10 essays every week and it payed off immensely. My son enjoyed the tutors and the challenge of the material that was presented to him. Furthermore, the other children were sociable and attentive during the prep classes. I would highly recommend this for any of the prep classes they offer. The tutors are highly qualified and the atmosphere is conducive to learning.


Sample essay-- Success

Although everyone wants to be successful in life, success may not be as beneficial as people hope it will be. In the French film, Le Diner de Cons, Michel is a successful man who invites a so-called “idiot” to a dinner for idiots, and finds out that despite all his success, he is the idiot after all. The Greek myth of Arachne and Minerva also embodies this idea as Arachne uses her skills in weaving to show she’s better than Minerva, yet suffers the consequences. This is often the case seen for people who have had much success in their life, but suffer because of it. 
Michel, the main character in Le Diner de Cons, is a book publisher living in Paris with a beautiful apartment and wife. He is very well-off, and takes advantage of his success, especially by having an affair with one of his clients. Michel invites a man, Francois Pignon, that he thinks is very foolish to a dinner for idiots to be the entertainment for the night. The two never make it to the dinner, and instead embark on a quest to find Michel’s wife who had just left him because she found out he was cheating on her. Pignon is not a very smart man, yet he shows Michel that despite all his success in business, he has not been successful in life because he allowed it all to get the better of him, causing him many personal problems, and he is in fact the “idiot.”
Similar to Michel, Arachne has had a lot of success in her life, being called the best weaver in the world. She believes it also and is very hubristic because of it, mocking the goddess Minerva saying she is better than her at weaving. Minerva challenges the girl to a weaving contest and sees that Arachne is the better weaver after all, however because of the girl’s hubris, Minerva turns her into a spider as punishment for her crime. Arachne may have been a skilled weaver and gained renown for her talents, but the success she found wound up having terrible consequences in the end as she let herself be consumed by it.
Both Michel and Arachne were very successful people with a lot going for them, however the success they had caused them more grief than anything else. Michel’s personal problems stem from his talents as a publisher and cause him to lose his wife and face other consequences, similar to how Arachne, after becoming known for her excellent weaving skills was turned into a spider for bragging about them. Everyone wishes to be successful in life, but sometimes the consequences of achieving great things are not worth it.

Is Kweller Prep Worth it?

Yes! The numbers speak for themselves

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-plenty of practice exams

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SAT Essay sample answer

Sample answer SAT Paragraph 1 & 2

Knowledge As a Burden

            The attainment of knowledge has long been a goal that individuals have striven for, be it for the admiration and esteem of others or due to an honest, innate curiosity of the ways of the world. Knowledge, however, also has the power to destroy. Indeed, as the saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss,” and often times it is only once the pursuit of knowledge is achieved that one realizes they might have been better off without it. This notion has been illustrated throughout centuries of great literature, becoming timeless in the process. One work in particular is that of Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rex,” which tells the story of a king whose life is utterly ruined once he gains the knowledge of his fulfillment of a tragic prophecy. Another novel in which the concept of knowledge as a burden is especially poignant is that of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” which tells the story of a boy who grows up alienated from his society, with the only thing that keeps him going being the images of a beautiful, distant, other world that his mother has instilled in him. When he visits this other “better” world, however, he finds it utterly repellant, and the knowledge that he doesn’t, in fact, fit in anywhere drives him to suicide.

            Sophocles’ masterpiece, “Oedipus Rex,” tells the story of a King who despairs over the chaos and suffering prevalent throughout his beloved kingdom. When told that it was due to his fulfillment of a tragic prophecy that states that he would murder his father and sleep with his mother, he is at first skeptical, but gradually comes to realize the prophecy’s truth and the fact that it had come to pass. This knowledge tears apart the very fabric of his once joyous life, as he realizes that his dear wife is in fact his mother, and his two daughters the products of incest. Perhaps even worse is his realization that he is in fact responsible for the suffering of his beloved subjects….

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Hunter Entrance Exam Acceptance


To be honest, I went through a really tough time starting Kweller Prep five years ago... lot's of people tried to talk me out of entrepreneurship & the many challenges ahead...

Today, about a dozen kids from Kp received acceptance letters to one of the most competitive high schools in America, and KP & the tutors played a key role in that... Ok so it's been like a roller coaster building up this business, but in the end, it was all worth it ... As Lauren says, her dad was crying when he found out... wow we really played a role in that....


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hunter Entrance Exam Acceptance Letter

We are so proud of how hard our KP Hunter Kids worked! Despite the outcome, you are ALL superstars ands we are so amazed and honored to have worked with all of you. Special congratulations to those who got into Hunter College High School FOR 2013

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Terra Nova and state wide exams

sample questions (taken from another state) but at level with the exams here

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