Friday, May 11, 2012

Kweller Prep Reviews

  • I am a junior at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School and I was struggling with my SAT scores I had a 450 in my math section and with the help of the tutors at Kweller Prep my math section went from a 450 to a 750, which was my original goal. They helped me so much. I will be taking my SAT in june and honestly I feel so prepared. thank you kweller prep ! I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to get ahead in their studies
  • pamela
    Posted on 05/05/12
    i m a senior at thhs and i ll be heading to columbia next fall. during sophomore year, my grades were mediocre because i was havi...
  • Samantha
    Posted on 05/01/12
    I ve been going to Kweller Prep for about a year and a half now and I strongly recommend it to any other students out there...
    • Sally
      Posted on 04/23/12
      My mom first told me about Kweller Prep after my teachers told her I needed to show a lot of improvement if I wanted to do well on my AP exams. I real
    • Lisa
      Posted on 04/23/12
      Im a junior at Forest Hills HS and ive been coming to Kweller Prep since 9th grade. My middle school didn t cover most of the topics/concepts in pre-a
    • Jasmine
      Posted on 04/22/12
      I came to Kweller Prep because of its reputation of hiring only effective, able tutors that have scored in the 98-99th percentiles of their standardiz
    • Jensen
      Posted on 04/22/12
      I’m a high school student and started to go to Kweller Prep at the beginning of my freshman year. My middle school was really bad and didn’t prepare
    • Annabelle
      Posted on 04/22/12
      Kweller Prep is amazing!! I’m so grateful for it and would recommend it to all of my friends. My tutor helped me prepare for the Specialized High Sch
    • John
      Posted on 04/21/12
      Kweller Prep is an amazing place to be tutored. I ve attended many prep schools (Mega, Kumon, Nationwide in Flushing, to name just a few) and I ve beg
    • Peter
      Posted on 04/18/12
      Kweller Prep has helped me raise my SAT score by more than 500 points. Before coming to this school, I scored a 1720 on the SAT last May. My mom decid
    • twinkle
      Posted on 04/15/12
      The tutors at Kweller Prep are very helpful and I recommend this place to everyone. I live in Manhasset and go to Manhasset High School in Long Island
    • Trina
      Posted on 04/15/12
      I have had a total of 4 lessons at Kweller Prep so far and I am so glad that my mom signed me up for tutoring here. I am in the 9th grade at Frank Si
    • Jonathan Lewis
      Posted on 04/13/12
      Now that I go to Kweller Prep, my idea of math really changed. I feel so much more confident and raise my hand a lot more in class. I am getting bette