Monday, May 31, 2010

Finding Great Schools in NYC for Free

Article by Frances Kweller and her team of Kweller Prep Tutors.

Due to the economic crunch, it may seem harder than ever to send your children to private schools. I would like to dedicate this mini-article on showing students and parents what they need to do in order to get into one of the excellent Specialized Public High Schools in New York City. My tutoring center, Kweller Prep, located in Forest Hills, will be providing intensive test preparation and tutoring courses all summer long.

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Q: What are the specialized high schools in New York City?

A: Stuyvesant HS, Bronx High School of Science, Brooklyn Technical School, Queens HS for the Sciences at York College, LaGuardia HS of Music & Art & Performing Art & the rest..

Q: How does my child get in to a Specialized High School?

A: Aside from La Guardia, which requires an audition to get in, all students must take an exam called the SHSAT to gain entry into a specialized school. SHSAT stands for Specialized High School Admissions Test.

Q: What is tested on the SHSAT?

A: English and Math. Specifically: Reading comprehension, logical reasoning, unscrambling paragraphs, algebra, geometry, and some trigonometry. A letter of proof by a Rabbi must be presented as evidence to allow your child to test on a Sunday.

Q: When is the SHSAT test given?

A: For students entering the 8th Grade, the test is given the first weekend in November. For those entering 9th grade, the test is held the around the second weekend in November. For 9th Grade Sabbath observers, the test is held in Brooklyn Technical High School only.

Q: Can I just walk in to take the test?

A: No. You must have an admission ticket, ordered months before, to test. You cannot take the test without a ticket.

Q: How many months in advance should my child prepare for the SHSAT?

A: Depending on your child’s level, I recommend 6 months of preparation. This can be time consuming and costly, but very well worth all the effort. The specialized schools in NYC are among the best in the country, and completely free.

Q. What is the best way to prepare for the test?

A: Kweller Prep. There, students can take multiple proctored practice tests, and work through some of the toughest math and English questions on the SHSAT with an experienced tutor. Yes, you can study on your own, but it is incredibly difficult to do so

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