Monday, August 27, 2012

Sample letter requesting extended time

Sample Letter Requesting Extended School Year Services
Date you write your letter (Include month, day and year)
Your name
Your full address
Full name of person to whom you are writing (Special Education Director of the school
Person’s Title
Name of School or office building
Full address of school or building
Dear (Use their title [Dr.; Mr.; Mrs.;] and last name):
I would like my son/daughter, (your child’s name) who has an autism spectrum disorder
to be considered for extended school year services.
I am writing to request an IEP team meeting to discuss adding these services to (your
child’s name)’s IEP.
The next two paragraphs should only be used if they apply to your situation.
(If you believe there are certain individuals from the school that would be helpful at
the meeting, you may make a request for their attendance. *Note: The school has
the right to determine who should attend the meeting.)
I would like to request that (name and position of the individual from the school) attend
the team meeting. I believe his/her input would be a valuable contribution.
(You may wish to bring someone from outside the school setting to the meeting.)
I have been working with (name and position) and will be bringing them with me to the
team meeting.
The following times would work well with my schedule: (List dates and times. It is
helpful if you can offer “windows” of time – example: 3:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. It is also
helpful to offer at least three different dates and times.) Please let me know what times
work best for you.
Thank you for your attention to my request. I may be reached at (your daytime phone
number). I will expect to hear from you by (give a date – example the end of the week;
within five school days of receipt of this letter, etc.)
Sincerely yours,
Your full name

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