Monday, August 13, 2012

What's the Difference Between Hunter H.S. and Stuyvesant?

What’s the difference between Stuyvesant High School and Hunter High School?

There are a few, but here are the basic ones.

1.     To get into Hunter H.S., you need to take their admissions test January of 6th Grade. To get into Stuyvesant, you need to take the SHSAT test November of 8th or 9th grade.

2.      Hunter H.S. starts from Grade 7, Stuyvesant starts from Grade 9.

3.     Hunter High School is more of a humanities (English and Writing) based school while  Stuyvesant is more of a science and math based school.

4.     Stuyvesant is located downtown NYC, Hunter is on the upper East Side.

5.     Hunter is affiliated with Hunter College; you can easily take classes there for transferable college credit. Stuyvesant HS stands alone with no college affiliation.

6.     Overall, both school reputations are excellent.

7.     Kweller Prep runs prep courses and offers tutoring for both tests. While the exams are both English and Math based, the format is very different and so are the question types.

8.     The Hunter High School test requires students to write an essay (similar to the SAT) while the Stuyvesant High School test does not. 

9.     Hunter high school is much smaller than Stuyvesant.

What is The BEST Way to Prepare for the Hunter High School Examination?

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