Friday, October 12, 2012

high School CEEB Codes New York

High SchoolCityStateCEEB
A Philip Randolph Campus H SNew YorkNY333406
Academy For Social ActionNew York CityNY334049
Academy Of Environment ScienceNew YorkNY333482
Access Ged M356New YorkNY333649
Ballet Tech N Y C Pub School Of DanceNew YorkNY333419
Bard High School Early CollegeNew YorkNY330566
Baruch Campus High SchoolNew YorkNY333823
Baruch College Campus High SchNew YorkNY333803
Bayard Rustin H S HumanitiesNew YorkNY333682
Beacon SchoolNew YorkNY333438
Birch Wathen Lenox SchoolNew YorkNY333461
Borough AcademiesNew YorkNY333469
Bread & Rose Integrated Arts H SNew YorkNY333903
Browning SchoolNew YorkNY333490
Cascades High SchoolNew YorkNY333513
Cathedral High SchoolNew YorkNY333520
Central Park East Sec SchoolNew YorkNY332964
Chapin SchoolNew YorkNY333540
Chelsea Career & Technical Education High SchoolNew YorkNY333555
Choir Academy Of HarlemNew YorkNY333557
City As A SchoolNew YorkNY330652
Coalition Sch Social ChangeNew YorkNY333561
Columbia Grammar & Prepratory SchoolNew YorkNY333570
Convent Of The Sacred HeartNew YorkNY333575
Dalton SchoolNew YorkNY333580
Dominican AcademyNew YorkNY333595
East Side Community High SchNew YorkNY333608
Edward A Reynolds West Side High SchoolNew YorkNY334136
Emily N Carey Harbor H SNew YorkNY333613
Employment And Tech CenterNew YorkNY333799
F. H. Laguardia High Sch Music ArtNew YorkNY333685
Frederick Douglass AcademyNew YorkNY333643
Friends SeminaryNew YorkNY333645
George Washington High SchoolNew YorkNY333655
Gregorio Luperon High SchoolNew YorkNY333749
H S Graphic Communications ArtsNew YorkNY333850
Harlem Children'S ZoneNew YorkNY333401
Harvey Milk SchoolNew YorkNY333677
Henry Street Sch Intnl StudiesNew YorkNY334022
High Sch For Arts Imag & InqNew YorkNY333832
High Sch Leadership / Public SvcNew YorkNY333819
High School Environmental StudiesNew YorkNY333674
High School For Health Careers And SciencesNew YorkNY333698
High School For Health Professions & Human ServicesNew YorkNY333817
High School For Law & Public ServiceNew YorkNY333687
High School For Media & CommunicationsNew YorkNY333689
High School Of Art & DesignNew YorkNY334035
High School Of Economics / FinanceNew YorkNY333816
High School Of Fashion IndustriesNew YorkNY333680
High School Of Hospitality And ManagementNew YorkNY333665
Humanities Preparatory AcademyNew YorkNY333704
Hunter College High SchoolNew YorkNY333705
Independence High SchoolNew YorkNY333711
Institute For Collaborative EducationNew YorkNY333672
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High SchoolNew YorkNY333686
James Baldwin SchoolNew YorkNY333633
John V Lindsay Wildcat AcademyNew YorkNY334134
La Salle AcademyNew YorkNY333730
La Scuola D'Italio G MarconiNew YorkNY334041
Landmark High SchoolNew YorkNY333733
Leadership Secondary SchoolNew YorkNY333737
Life Sciences Secondary SchoolNew YorkNY333744
Little Red School House And Elisabeth Irwin H S (Lrei)New YorkNY333610
Louis D Brandeis High SchoolNew YorkNY333675
Lower East Side PreparatoryNew YorkNY333754
Lower Manhattan Outreach HsNew YorkNY333752
Loyola SchoolNew YorkNY333755
Lyceum Kennedy French International SchoolNew YorkNY333762
Manhattan Cntr For Sci & MathNew YorkNY333784
Manhattan Comp Night Day H SNew YorkNY333787
Manhattan High Sch For GirlsNew YorkNY333022
Manhattan High School - P 35 MNew YorkNY333023
Manhattan International H SNew YorkNY333790
Manhattan Village AcademyNew YorkNY333791
Marsha Stern Talmudical AcadNew YorkNY334148
Marta Valle High SchoolNew YorkNY333794
Martin Luther King Jr High SchNew YorkNY333793
Marymount SchoolNew YorkNY333800
Mesivtha TiferethNew YorkNY333808
Millennium High SchoolNew YorkNY333798
Minds Matter Of N Y C Inc.New YorkNY333781
Mlk Law Advocacy And Comm JustNew YorkNY333694
Mother Cabrini High SchoolNew YorkNY333828
Mott Hall High SchoolNew YorkNY333641
Mount Pleasant Christian AcademyNew YorkNY333831
Murry Bergtraum H SNew YorkNY333835
N Y C Lab School For Collaborative StudiesNew YorkNY333853
New Explorations Into Science Tech & MathNew YorkNY333843
New York Mills Jr - Sr High SchoolNew York MillsNY334155
Norman Thomas High SchoolNew YorkNY333525
Northeastern AcademyNew YorkNY333865
Notre Dame SchoolNew YorkNY333870
P S 106 ManhattanNew YorkNY333889
Park East High SchoolNew YorkNY333875
Park West Evening High SchoolNew YorkNY333869
Pelletier High SchoolNew YorkNY333876
Professional Childrens SchoolNew YorkNY333890
Professional Performing Arts SchoolNew YorkNY333847
Project Contact Educational AllianceNew YorkNY333882
Ramaz Upper SchoolNew YorkNY333900
Re-StartNew YorkNY333952
Regis High SchoolNew YorkNY333905
Repertory Company High SchoolNew YorkNY333854
Richard R Green H S Of TeachingNew YorkNY333916
Robert Louis Stevenson SchoolNew YorkNY333930
Rudolf Steiner SchoolNew YorkNY333932
S U N Y Manhattan Educational Opp CtrNew YorkNY334062
Saint Agnes Boys High SchoolNew YorkNY333935
Saint Jean Baptiste High SchNew YorkNY333980
Saint Matthews Lc - A.S.H.S.New YorkNY333424
Saint Michael AcademyNew YorkNY333995
Saint Vincent Ferrer High SchNew YorkNY334020
Satellite Academy High SchoolNew YorkNY334033
Satellite Academy High SchoolNew YorkNY334034
School Of Co-Op EducationNew YorkNY333879
School Of Cooperative Technical EducationNew YorkNY334036
School Of The FutureNew YorkNY333592
Secondary Educ Thru HealthNew YorkNY333829
Settlement College ReadinessNew YorkNY333024
Seward Park High SchoolNew YorkNY334055
Solomon Schechter School Of WestchesterNew YorkNY332309
Stuyvesant High SchoolNew YorkNY334070
Talent Unlimited High SchoolNew YorkNY334073
The Beekman SchoolNew YorkNY334095
The Brearley SchoolNew YorkNY333475
The Calhoun SchoolNew YorkNY333505
The College AcademyNew YorkNY333690
The Dwight SchoolNew YorkNY333605
The Heritage SchoolNew YorkNY333678
The Hewitt SchoolNew YorkNY333815
The Kings AcademyNew YorkNY333676
The Legacy Sch Integrated StudiesNew YorkNY333741
The Lorge SchoolNew YorkNY333753
The New York City Museum SchoolNew YorkNY333523
The Nightingale- Bamford SchoolNew YorkNY333860
The School For Young PerformersNew YorkNY334042
The Smith SchoolNew YorkNY334047
The Spence SchoolNew YorkNY334060
The Young Women'S Leadership SchoolNew YorkNY334153
Theodore Roosevelt Evening HsNew YorkNY334080
Thurgood Marshall AcademyNew YorkNY334089
Trevor Day SchoolNew YorkNY334114
Trinity SchoolNew YorkNY334090
United Nations International SchoolNew YorkNY333423
Unity Center For Urban TechnologiesNew YorkNY334100
University Heights High SchoolNew YorkNY330538
University Neighborhood H SNew YorkNY334101
Urban AcademyNew YorkNY334105
Urban Assembly Media High SchoolNew YorkNY333997
Urban Peace AcademyNew YorkNY333593
Vanguard High SchoolNew YorkNY334110
Wadleigh Secondary SchoolNew YorkNY334119
Washington Irving Evening H SNew YorkNY334125
Washington Irving High SchoolNew YorkNY334130
West Manhattan Outreach CenterNew YorkNY334102
Winston Preparatory SchoolNew YorkNY334141
Xavier High SchoolNew YorkNY334145
Yeshiva Rsr Hirsch H S GirlsNew YorkNY333898
Yeshiva Rsr Hirsch H S BoysNew YorkNY333897
York Preparatory SchoolNew YorkNY333855

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