Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hunter practice test Essay

So cute! She choose to write about Kweller Prep!


Hunter Exam Sample Essay (The Best Thing That Happened This Year)

    Throughout this year, many momentous events have transpired in my life. I joined the volleyball team, read many great books, and made some new friends. However, the most significant benchmark by far, was when I qualified for the Hunter Exam. Qualifying for the exam presented me with a chance that not many are given. It also led me to learn many new things in the course of my preparation for the exam. Having the ability to take the test has truly changed my life.

    Every year, only a select group of students are invited to take the Hunter High School Entrance Exam. The invitation itself carries an enormous amount of prestige, and validates all my hard work throughout my years of schooling. Furthermore, as Hunter High School is considered one of the best schools in the city, the very prospect of getting to learn alongside a myriad of bright and motivated students is exciting. I know that attending Hunter will open many doors for me, and this in turn encourages me to work even harder in my attempt to get in.

    To prepare for the exam, my parents enrolled me in a tutoring center called Kweller Prep. At Kweller Prep, I was able to acquire numerous new skills such as building my vocabulary, learning how to write essays properly and improving my competence in math. Even if I fail to get into Hunter, I know that the knowledge I gained at Kweller Prep has granted me with the tools needed to excel in a variety of other subject areas, as well as to succeed in whatever I put my mind to, and will stay with me through life.

     Being given the chance to take the Hunter High School Entrance Exam has truly been the best thing that has happened to me this year. It has given me a concrete means of taking pride in my achievements and provided me with the ability of learning many invaluable new things. Regardless of whether I get into Hunter, merely receiving the invitation to take the test has already changed my life for the better.

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