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ELA sample questions Checklist


Top 13 Things Experts Recommend When Choosing a CCLS Program

The Common Core Learning Standards are here. They’re more rigorous, and they require a whole new instructional approach. How do you succeed at teaching these standards? We asked the nation’s leading Common Core experts, teachers, and school administrators what to look for in a CCLS program.
The Experts’ Common Core Checklist

Does it have all brand-new, not-repurposed content true to the details and intent of the New York CCLS? Does it provide instruction and practice on all the tested standards?

Does it use a research-based, gradual-release instructional model for students that supports mastery of complex standards?

Does it include thoughtful, embedded professional development on the CCLS with step-by-step guidance for teachers that makes it easy to implement new standards?

Does it include prerequisite skills lessons to help teachers reteach skills students may not have mastered in earlier grade levels?

Does it connect to an optional valid and reliable online assessment that enables teachers to pinpoint needs and provide automated online instruction to students in need?

Do lesson texts match CCLS complexity expectations?
Do the books contain complex, authentic text from a wide range of genres?

Do the questions consistently require students to give text-based evidence to support answers?

Does the instruction effectively integrate reading and language arts standards? Does it deepen knowledge on grade-specific topics?

Does the math instruction emphasize conceptual understanding while also building procedural fluency?

Is the math practice rigorous, i.e., does it have multi-step problems, problems with more than one correct answer, and problems requiring analysis and explanation?

Does it incorporate multiple approaches to and models of mathematical problems?
Are the Standards for Mathematical Practice integrated throughout the program?

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