Tuesday, January 8, 2013

sample Essay - hunt - If I could speak any language

Practice Test for Essay #6                                                                          Isabel Mendoza

            Around the world people speak many different languages, such as French, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. Out of all the languages, I would like to speak Spanish because it is integral to numerous aspects of my life. Spanish is my family’s dominant language, and it is very common worldwide. Furthermore, my experiences learning it in school have motivated me to work harder to attain fluency. Overall, Spanish is essential to my personal life, the world around me, and my academics.

            The Spanish language is critical to my relationships with my family members. My mom is of Hispanic descent, but I myself never got to learn the language. She immigrated from Ecuador, a small country near the equator. My mom says learning English is harder than learning Spanish, but that is not the case for me. Communication is difficult between my family and me because I can’t understand what anyone says. When my grandmother asks me a question, I cannot answer her, and when my cousins tell funny stories, I never find out what they have said until I get home. Learning Spanish would greatly help me interact with my family at home.

            Spanish is spoken across multiple continents, such as South America and Europe. If I visited Ecuador, for example, I would be able to order with native merchants and shopkeepers. In addition, being fluent would enable me to make new friends abroad. Furthermore, Spanish is similar to other languages, such as French and Italian, so it would help me communicate in those languages too. Due to its widespread popularity and universality, Spanish is valuable on a global scale.

            Spanish is important not only in my family and in traveling but also in my education. Ever since I began learning Spanish in school, I decided I want to speak the language fluently. In school, we are learning the names of family members and numbers, but I want to know these words off the top of my head. Outside the classroom, I have also tried to study with Rosetta Stone, but it is very challenging to memorize all the words. I hope to learn Spanish better as an academic subject because it is such a large part of my life as a whole.

            Spanish is an excellent language that would help in my family life, in my travels, and in school. If I could speak Spanish, I would be able to communicate effectively with my family members who originated from Ecuador, and I could go abroad speaking Spanish. This exceptionally utile language stands out the most, so I will devotedly continue learning it in school and outside of school.

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