Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Need a FEMA loan?

Well, this I can add to the "life" part of the blog...

As an attorney, I have had a number of parents ask me how to obtain a FEMA Loan for Hurricane Sandy Relief. I hope this helps someone, as the loans are large and at only 1% interest rates.

Please feel free to email me at fk@fklawgroup.com if you may need further assistance. Feel free to comment of you want me to post more steps.

Step 1:

This is the proper link to get the certificate of existence for your business. The fee is $25 plus $25 to expedite. Don't waste your time calling. You will be on hold for an hour.


This will help others requesting a FEMA federal loan. It needs to be signed & faxed in. This certificate with NYS proves that you have a real business. I know, it's annoying, but FEMA needs this to approve your loan.

this is the main website where I got the PDF, BTW


Check this box


and pay the $50 fee total, don't fight it... just pay... I am aware this is a waste of money for 1 piece of paper, but you need it to get the 1% loan for like 100K


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