Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kweller Prep 4 years later

Designed for the busy student, Kweller Prep Tutoring, Test Prep, and Educational Services offers unsurpassed test prep and expert high school, college, and graduate school counseling services, which are completely customized to each student's schedule. Kweller Prep provides both on-site and at-home educational services.

We offer one-one –one and small group (up to 8 students) tutoring and test prep services. The tutoring center itself serves as an incubator where parents, students, exceptionally talented teachers, and counselors can learn from one another and grow. Nearly every student we serve is the first one in his or her family to attend a top university or graduate school program. It is truly an honor to work with them.

Kweller Prep treats each child as if he or she was an only child. The tutors spend not only countless hours with each student, but also work with each and every family unit to help students truly excel. There is virtually nothing a Kweller Prep Tutor can't do. We help students achieve among the highest marks in the country on the New York State Regents, SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, IB, SAT II, GED, ISEE, COOP, TACHS and competitive graduate pre-professional programs and entrance exams.

... I had this written in my mind before KP even existed .... Happy 4th birthday, Kweller Prep!

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