Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who go to Test Prep All Summer: Seasonal Sacrifice; Lifetime Returns

Summer Lovin’

School is out at last. You’ve worked hard for the past ten months, and finally you can spend your time how you choose. The next eight weeks are yours. So, what are you going to do?

Of course, it’s tempting to just sit back, relax, and watch the days fly by. When else will you have the time to lounge at the pool all day, drinking fruit punch and getting a tan? When else will you have time to go to the beach, or watch eight hours of television, or just sleep 16 hours a day?

The answer: You have the rest of your life to do those things. However, now is the only chance to make preparations for your future—preparations that will have significant, lasting effects. You could fritter your summer away, but you would be doing yourself a huge disservice. The smart thing to do is to go to Kweller Prep’s summer SHSAT program and seize your future.

Kweller Prep offers a comprehensive eight-week summer tutoring program that has had tremendous success in helping students get into top New York City high schools. Classes take place four days a week, with both morning and afternoons sessions offered. In addition, students can elect to attend weekend sessions instead. Kweller Prep also offers trips for both high school and college tours on Fridays.

There are so many reasons to take SHSAT classes at Kweller Prep this summer. These prep classes are the best way to help you get into the NYC specialized high schools, which is a serious and important accomplishment. As former NYC Comptroller John C. Liu wrote for the Huffington Post: “The Specialized High schools are the equivalent of New York City's Ivy League. Admittance to these schools is a ticket to success. They bring an almost certain guarantee of high school graduation, in a city where the graduation rate is 65 percent, and an almost certain guarantee of college acceptance. More than a quarter of the graduates of Stuyvesant and Bronx Science go on to university in the real Ivy Leagues, at Harvard, and Yale, and Brown, or other top tier colleges.” In an increasingly competitive world, getting into a specialized high school can make a real difference in your future. Getting a high score on the SHSAT is the only way to make this happen.

Now, you may think that you can simply study for the test on your own, in your spare time, and ace it nonetheless. This is not a mistake you can afford to make. Even the most disciplined students need a structured setting in order to properly prepare for this challenging exam. Especially during the summer, procrastination is far too easy of a trap to fall into, and these classes are necessary to keep you focused. In addition, the top-notch tutors at Kweller Prep will help you to truly grasp the material to an extent that no prep book can match.

And if you’re still not sure that you want to sacrifice your endless pool-lounging, just think about it. There is, in fact, still plenty of time to lounge. But that relaxation will feel so much better after a hard day of working and learning, knowing that you are taking key steps towards a successful future. Over indulging won’t make you happy—but your admission to Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, or the school of your dreams will.

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