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Kweller Prep's College Plan

Kweller Prep College Plan

*When having a planned schedule to complete a goal do not push any other chores on the student*

1.     Write Resume/Track Record

a.     Based on achievements throughout years

b.      Summer Jobs have to do with what want to be

                                                    i.     Add on resume and Track Record

2.     Summer

a.     Family Vacations

                                                    i.     Should be related to study

                                                  ii.     Doesn’t have to be costly (such as the zoo or museum)

                                                 iii.     Let the child rule the trip

                                                 iv.     If taking a tour do not determine it by how many stops

b.     Summer Plan

                                                    i.     Summer 1

1.     Two talent search three week courses(no credit; total six weeks),

2.     two week family vacation;

3.      two week down time

                                                  ii.     Summer 2

1.     College Course (credit) six week

2.     Two week of starting science, art, community service, athletic, business or humanities project every hour take ten minute breaks

3.     Two week family vacation

                                                 iii.     Summer 3

1.     Eight week project

a.     Composing sonata, conducting science research, writing screenplay, or creating sports tournament, not classroom based every hour take ten minute breaks

2.     2 week family vacation

                                                 iv.     Summer 4

1.     Eight week project

a.     Composing sonata, conducting science research, writing screenplay, or creating sports tournament, not classroom based every hour take ten minute breaks

2.     Two week family vacation

c.      Take SAT during December if you get a bad score repeat in January for SET and Talent Search(SET minimum is 700 in one section and Talent Search minimum is usually 560 in math and 530 in English)

d.     Talent Search

                                                    i.     Duke University Youth Program(rising grades 5th and up)

                                                  ii.     University of Oregon Summer Enrichment Program

                                                 iii.     John Hopkins Center for the Talented Youth

                                                 iv.     Duke’s Talent Identification Program

                                                   v.     North western’s center for talent development

                                                 vi.     University of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Talent Search

                                               vii.     Education Program for Gifted Youth(Stanford)

                                              viii.     Take SAT in 7th grade

                                                 ix.     Davison THINK summer institute

                                                   x.     Cram Enrichment programs for summer

                                                 xi.     Impressive Stamp of Achievement

e.     SET (study of exceptional Talent)

                                                    i.     700 or higher on math or verbal portion

                                                  ii.     Free guidance throughout middle and high school

                                                 iii.     Impressive stamp of achievement

3.     Clubs

a.     Community Service

                                                    i.     Go on or or or

b.     Create own based on what liked

                                                    i.     Go on or look at John Hopkins’s magazine Imagine or for ideas

4.     College Trips

a.     Encourage going to college find out more about them

5.     Select Goals not Labels

a.     (Cure for Cancer not Doctor)

b.     What want to be

c.      Passion may change

                                                    i.     This is okay

Four Year Academic Plan

a)     Grades Count From the Beginning of High School

b)     Students who get Derailed usually suffer in other subjects

c)      Do as many AP Courses and IB courses as possible

d)     You can do local college courses

e)     Colleges aren’t impressed if you skip a course and don’t get As(or top scores) in the new class

f)      Ask guidance counselor to nominate you for academic scholarship awards such as, USA Today’s All-USA First Academic Team (20 students get chosen).

g)     US Congressional Awards Program is the highest award Congress gives to young people

h)     National Honors based on tenderized test scores:

a.     National Merit Scholarship Winners are based on PSATs

b.     AP Scholars, Scholars with Honor, and Scholars with Distinction are based on cumulative AP scores.

c.      Educational Testing Service also administers the Toyota Community Scholars Program (one hundred scholarships valued at $10,000- $20,000) based on community service



·       Get an early grasps of college costs with net price calculators which estimate the cost of college based on your family’s yearly income.

·       If borrowing money use federal aid since, it has borrower protection

·       Visit

·       Save tuition cost by earning college credits in high school and during the summer

·       Filing out a FAFSA form helps you minimize borrowing

Random Tips

·       Take Virtual Tours to get a sense of various schools

·       Stay focused! Apply Early Decision and/or early action. Remember, the early bird catches the worm!



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