Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2015 Hunter Qualifying Exam

2015 Hunter Qualifying Exam Details (Applies to NEW residents of New York City)

 1: Register to online at the HCHS website (

2. Qualifying Exam Test Date is November 22, 2014.

3.  You the parent need to get a letter of recommendation from the current middle school principal on school letterhead and the current school must send the letter directly to Hunter’s Admissions office. Even if you have only been at the new school for a few weeks, your current school must be the one to send the letter. All you need is for the letter to say that this is a student in good standing and eligible to take this test but does not have ELA/ Math scores because he or she is new to NYC.  Principal must address the letter to admissions: Hunter Admissions: 71 East 94 street room 105 A NY NY 10128

4. Once letter is received, the Hunter admissions office will send a letter and tell you what time to arrive.

5. You will get details about the fees associated with the Qualifying exam as well.

 Good Luck!


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