Tuesday, August 30, 2016

About the Anderson Entrance Exam

About the Anderson Entrance Exam
Students in Grades 5 and 6 take this test

The Anderson School is an academically selective public school oen  all students within the 5 boroughs of NYC. Anderson is a K-8 school; therefore, fifth graders currently enrolled in Anderson are guaranteed a seat in their sixth grade if they choose to continue at Anderson. However, Anderson expands their class size in sixth grade and has approximately 12 seats available in sixth grade for fall 2017.
Students must apply directly to the Anderson School using the school’s own application and applying to Anderson does not jeopardize a student’s chances of being made an offer from any other school. After the invited students take the onsite admissions test, the acceptance list and ranked wait list will be created using our Admissions Rubric (below). Admissions notifications will be emailed to families in May, at the same time as all other Department of Education middle school placement notifications.

You must register to take this test by December 1, 2016. In early January, detailed information about the onsite admissions test will be emailed to the parents of the 200 students who are invited to take the test and will also be posted on the Anderson page. The test is hard, written by Anderson teachers, and consists of a writing assignment (essay comparing 2 texts) and a math assessment of about twenty problems.

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