Tuesday, August 30, 2016

About the Anderson Entrance Exam

Kweller Prep is a leader in Anderson Test Prep

2018 STATS:

800 students were invited to take the Anderson test in the 5th grade.
12 students received an acceptance offer.
4 students from Kweller Prep were accepted into Anderson middle.
4 students from Kweller Prep were also waitlisted.
4/12 students accepted to Anderson attended Kweller Prep.

NOTE: Anderson does not release its entrance exam but does share that it is a tough math test of about 20 questions with no multiple choice options. The test is above grade level and they are looking to admit those who not only answer correctly but also show work best. There is also an essay component. For years, the essay was based on a reflection of a passage compared with a poem. In 2018, the essay was a personal essay, similar to the Hunter essay.  For privacy reasons, we cannot detail more about this test. Students interested in taking the Anderson test should score high 4's on their state tests, have nearly perfect attendance, and list Anderson as their first choice on the middle school application.  Congratulations to the Kweller Prep students accepted to Anderson, one of the best middle schools in NYC! 

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