Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Kweller Prep Success Rate

2017 Kweller Prep Success Stats:

I. From 120 students who enrolled in Kweller Prep in September 2015,
31 students from Kweller Prep were accepted to Hunter!

II. On January 6, 2017, 2,259 students took the Hunter Test in total.

III. The Multiple Choice cut-off was 64/100 to have essays read.

IV. Over 50% of our students had their essays read.

V. Only the top 500 Multiple Choice scores had their essays read.

VI. 6 Kweller Prep students were placed on the Hunter waitlist.

VII. The overall acceptance rate to Hunter is less than 7%

IX. Kweller Prep's acceptance rate to Hunter is 25.8%

2016 Kweller Prep Success Stats:

The Team at Kweller Prep would like to thank the parents, students, tutors, and support staff who, collectively, made this program's success possible. Make no mistake, our outstanding results came from incredible sacrifice, team effort, and coordination from all parties involved.


Dear Parents: In an effort to further increase our acceptances to Hunter High School for 2018, we will now make our Christmas Week Crash Course mandatory for all fall students. Please plan your fall schedules accordingly to make time to remain in our course and complete Dec 26-30 in preparation for the January 6, 2018 exam. In prior years, this winter break was optional. Many of the students who took "off" for winter break missed the Hunter acceptance by only 5-10 points. Kweller Prep Fall Classes start September 7, 2017

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