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View SAT Scores
To view your scores on the Web, click the View and Send Scores button above and sign in to visit your My SAT after 8 a.m. Eastern Time on or after the dates listed above. From there you can see your entire score history and a history of all score recipients to which you have previously sent scores. Please note that a small number of scores take longer to report and may not be available on the dates listed here.

Once your score report is ready to view, you will see your new scores as well as previous scores. Your report includes all your scores from up to six SAT and six SAT Subject Test dates (but no more than six of each type). If you gave us your high school's code, your high school will also receive your current and previous scores.

Updating Your Score Recipients
You can make changes to your score recipients easily in your My SAT account. When you register, you can send four score reports at no cost. You can change these score recipients until 11:59 PM (EST) on the Monday one week after your scheduled test date.

My SAT Online Score Report
My SAT Online Score Report is the best and fastest way to get your scores. It's available for free to every student who takes the SAT. It's also an easy way to decrease the amount of paper we use (and that you get in the mail), while still providing everything you'd get in a paper score report, and more. All you need is an online College Board account.

My SAT Online Score Report shows you more about how you performed on each section of the SAT. It gives you the types of questions, level of difficulty, and how many in each group of questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or omitted. Percentile information has also been enhanced to give you better comparisons with other groups of test-takers.

My Online Score Report helps you to:

Understand specifics about how the test is structured and scored, including the writing section and the essay.
Get detailed insights into how you performed on each section of the test, including responses by question type and difficulty.
See how your scores compare to the scores of students in your school, state, and nationally.
Search for the right colleges, majors, and careers based on your scores.
Work on improving your scores on a future test through targeted practice and links to SAT Skills Insight™.
View a printable copy of your actual essay response and see sample essays that received various scores.
Please note: The actual essay images seen by readers for scoring purposes are clearer than the images we can display on our website.

As of May 2009, you will automatically get your SAT scores through My SAT Online Score Report instead of by mail, unless you registered by mail or actively choose to receive paper reports. We thank you in advance for taking part in our efforts to save paper, reduce our carbon footprint, and send less mail.

Send SAT Scores
In addition to the score reports you chose to send when you registered for the SAT, you can send scores to other colleges and scholarship programs for an additional fee. We will report scores that are available and reportable at the time your request is received.

Only score reports from completed and scored tests will be sent. You can only send scores that appear next to test dates on your SAT Status page. Scores from future tests for which you have registered, but have not yet completed, will not be included.
Scores are delivered to the additional colleges and programs requested approximately four weeks after we process your request. Please remember that an additional week may be needed for the score recipients to process your scores, once they receive them.
If you decide to use Score Choice, only those scores from the test dates you choose will be sent. If you decide not to use Score Choice, all available scores will be sent, including those from previous test administrations. You cannot separate scores for the critical reading, mathematics, or writing sections.
Rush reporting is available for an additional fee. Rush scores are sent two business days after your request is received. Be sure to check with the institutions before requesting this service: not all colleges can accept rush reporting.
Remember, most colleges and universities require official score reports sent from the College Board.
Additional Information
Your official score report will be provided to you and your high school, if you included the code, about five weeks after the test. Students who register online and wish to receive a paper score report by mail in addition to the online score report must request it when they register. Students who register by mail will continue to receive paper score reports.

You may also get your SAT scores with Scores by Phone. An additional fee applies.

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