Friday, August 6, 2010

Kweller Prep Presents: SAT in a Day

The SAT is an incredibly important tool for students today. The SAT is an opportunity to position oneself for a rewarding and most times debt free college education. However, those few students who fare well on the SAT only do so because they are prepared. With that in mind, many students will want to take a close look at the SAT in a Day program offered by Kweller Prep. Is this program really worth the cost? For many students, the answer is a definite yes. SAT in a Day breaks down some of the more complicated portions of the SAT and exposes the tips and tricks necessary for achieving a high score. For students requiring instantaneous improvements, the SAT in a Day program is a solid investment.

The Kweller Prep Approach

The SAT is a lengthy standardized test designed to trick students. However, students are offered many tips in the SAT in a Day program to help break down this test and make it more manageable. These tips include timesaving measures, methods of identification, and test-taking tips specific to the SAT. It does not matter where a student begins; SAT in a Day is designed to be helpful to both high achievers and those who are struggling a bit.

How Does It Work?

Students spend a period of eight hours learning the ins and outs of the SAT. They learn about each of the test’s sections, its requirements and its special constraints. They then apply these principles to the actual SAT test. Over the course of a day, students gain expertise and receive feedback on how they can improve. Essentially a one day boot camp, SAT in a Day is designed specifically for students who cannot invest weeks in a drawn out course.

Is The Course Worth The Money?

The worth of SAT in a Day depends upon a student's goals. SAT points are invaluable, as they can lead to both college admissions and extra scholarships. Given the approach and success of this program, students stand to gain a lot from taking Kweller Prep's SAT in a Day.

Why Bother With The SAT And SAT Prep?

Like it or not, the SAT remains one of the most important aspects of a student’s application and can easily make or break one’s chances of admittance into the school of their dreams. Although the remaining components of a student’s application (GPA, extra-curriculars and leadership positions…) are certainly scrutinized and examined, a low SAT score can knock an eligible student out of the running for a spot in admissions.

Think of this process through the mind of an admissions counselor. With thousands of applications pouring in, an easy way to rank or create a first impression regarding whether an applicant is an automatic accept or reject is to organize applicants based on SAT scores. Although supplemental information is an important component of an application, the SAT (SAT scores) remains the fastest and most efficient way to both rank candidates and automatically determine the eligibility of candidates for the freshman class. Many times, students with similar GPA’s and qualifications will be compared using their SAT scores, usually resulting in the placement of one candidate over the other.

Despite constant complaints regarding the need to improve ways to judge students, the SAT still remains the most universal form of comparison between prospective students vying for the same freshman seats. With this said, it is imperative for students to learn the inner structure of the SAT in order the master and unveil the true meaning behind questions and passages. Knowing that the SAT operates to trick testers, students must be able to recognize how the exam operates in order to understand what they need to do in order to succeed.

Kweller Prep’s SAT in a Day program offers students a unique look into the mechanics of this devious exam and at the same time teaches students how to recognize traps many testers tend to fall for. Now more than ever, students must know and be aware of the inner workings of the SAT in order to get the leg up they need to become prime candidates in the eyes of many admissions counselors. Let Kweller Prep help you become a lean, mean, SAT crushing machine- the extra points will make all the difference.

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