Friday, August 6, 2010

Scholarships For Kids With High Regents Scores

Students with high regents scores have many doors open to them, but there are so many doors open it's sometimes hard to know which scholarships are worth applying for, and which are not. With college costing thousands a year, it's important not to waste time with scholarships that are not worth it. However, students must also know that there are great scholarship opportunities out there- especially for well-rounded candidates who have demonstrated their academic aptitude through very high Regents scores.

When searching for student loans online, avoid sites that ask for surveys or log in names. Beware of the traps of “sucker” sites that offer deals that seem too good to be true (these include websites that ask for a small “fee” or “deposit payment”). Be especially cautious during the prime “college-crunch” season. Many websites display false information in order to gain a profit from vulnerable and stressed out families looking for money. There are however, many legitimate and useful scholarship search engines out there that are simply not utilized by students and families who could really use a leg up. Look for a site that has an easy search engine, and do not waste your time with websites overrun with advertisements and information that don't give you what you really need. There are also books that publish specific scholarship information (there are many different types of scholarships under a plethora of different categories) that are easy to navigate but can sometimes have too much information. The key is to be aware and efficient!

For high regents scores, there are several options. The New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence is given to high school students for high regents scores. Their GPA may also be a factor. The Scholarship for Academic Excellence awards $1500 to students who study at in-state colleges and can be renewed for up to four years of undergraduate study.

The New York Lottery Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship is funded by the state lottery. This merit-based award is given to students who not only show academic excellence, but also strengths of leadership in the community. This award gifts students $1000 a year for up to 4 years, and is given to one student in every New York public high school.

The Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship is based on many factors. High regent scores are important as well as class rank, GPA and ACT or SAT scores. This scholarship awards gifted students up to $1500 and is also renewable for up to four years of undergraduate studies. The Byrd Scholarship does not specify that the student must study at an in-state school. This is awarded to graduating seniors and can be applied for through the high school.

Despite the importance of GPA’s and SAT scores, students tend to lose sight of regents exams, deeming them “unimportant” and “insignificant”. Students MUST realize that in the race for scholarship money, high Regents scores can place a student at an advantage over other applicants with lower scores. Regents scores also work as a supplement to a student’s SAT score and GPA, allowing scholarship providers another look into a particular student’s academic record. When it comes to Regents, students should never dismiss an opportunity to win scholarship money simply by scoring highly on a test easily studied and prepared for.

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