Sunday, July 22, 2012

Response to the Colorado Shooting Massacre

Some things in life don't make sense. The Colorado movie theater shooting doesn't make sense. A Pre-medical student entered a Colorado movie theater and he shot an killed 14 people, wounding 70 and is responsible for the worst mass murder in United States history. This just doesn't make sense. And for a girl who considers herself a pro- Multi tasker, I was completely numb and deeply saddened by the events today. I called my parents to remind them how much I loved them, made my  husband promise to spend the day near me, and played with and gave special attention to my puppy.  Your entire world can change in a minute. One moment, you are enjoying the premiere of a long awaited movie, the next, you are fleeing for your life.  You can't take life for granted. Any moment, what you have can be lost. It is with tears  I write this because there is so little we can do to turn back the clock, or to look and try to identify any warning signs that would predict the horrific events of today. What's worse is that even if the movie theater shooter gets the Death Penalty, his death will not bring back the dozens who were traumatized by the horrific events of today.

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