Sunday, July 22, 2012

GED Testing: The Scoring Process

GED TESTING: SCORING When you’re finished taking the test, you will have two scores on each of the five content area tests: standard score and percentile rank. Standard score: Ranges from 200 to 800 and compares your performance in a subject to the performance of a graduating high school senior. The average standard score is 500 for each subject. Percentile rank: Ranges from 1 to 99 and indicates the percentage of graduating high school seniors who earned scores at or below your test score. A percentile rank of 54 means that 54 percent of graduating high school seniors earned your score or lower. In order to pass the GED exam in New York State, examinees must obtain a minimum score of 410 on each of the five sub-tests, and an overall total of 2250 on the exam. In order to do that, a candidate must average 450 on each of the sub-tests. Scoring of the GED is based on a total possible score of 800. In general, if you answer 60% of the questions on each test correctly, you will receive a passing score on the test. Retaking the GED: You can re-take a sub-test a total of three times per year. Your scores on the subjects you did pass will be saved, and then combined with the scores you receive when you test again. For more information on scoring, please reference:

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