Monday, October 29, 2012

Is Kweller Prep the Next Big Thing?

It never ceases to amaze me how many students and families show appreciation for the Kweller Prep program in the neighborhood. Open 7 days a week, with a nearly 100% success rate of getting middle school students into specialized high schools of their choice, and getting high school students into the colleges of their choice, Kweller Prep is certainly doing something right.

But the founder, Frances Kweller, is not a school teacher. In fact, she is a fully licensed NYS attorney, who opened Kweller Prep years ago on credit cards after seeing a gap in the education system and need in her childhood community to better understand the education system.

To date, nearly 2,000 students and families have come through her door.

Maybe it's the monthly workshops for parents.

Maybe it's the incredible amount of time spent with each admitted student.

Maybe it's that Kweller Prep, a tutoring program founded by Attorney Frances Kweller, has expanded it's educational services to include high school and college tours.

Maybe it's that the class size never exceeds 8 students.

Whatever the case, this program is effective. And one after the other, Kweller Prep kids succeed.


So why does it feel that Kweller Prep is working when, so many times, public and even private schools are not?

So much talk of how test prep centers are responsible for "teaching kids."

So many kids saying they learned more 1 hour with a tutor than 1 week at school.

Maybe schools should model themselves after tutoring centers?

Clearly, test prep centers like Kweller Prep are doing something right.

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