Friday, November 2, 2012

Sample College Admission Essay - under 500 words

6:15 AM. Book-Bag. Check. Cheer uniform. Check. Snack. Check.

Cheerleading has become an indispensable component of my being, and since becoming a member of the squad, my life has never been the same. I have established many outstanding friendships, learned to work well with others, overcome many obstacles, and blossomed as both an athlete and as a student. When I first enrolled in XXXXXX  High School, I became a cheerleader. From early on, I had witnessed my older sister, XXXX, enjoy the sport and I aspired to participate in it as well.  

As I approach my senior year of high school, I can’t help but reflect on my years as a student-athlete. One of my greatest elations manifested from joining the cheerleading team at my school, even though being on it faced its unique set of challenges. The paramount obstacle I faced was the incredible time commitment. I was in practice for as long as five hours, and then I’d go to a basketball game for three or four. Sometimes, I had to participate in a pep rally instantaneously after school, then go to a practice, and then get on a car pool to Hofstra University or Mitchell Field for a football game. Oftentimes, sporting events would run much longer than planned, and we were required to sojourn until the very end and assist with clean-up. Conversely, I established incredible time-management skills thanks to cheerleading. As a cheerleader, it is expected that I maintain my grades. Thus, when not at a game, I always made studying my top priority, and vice versa.

Something I am extremely grateful for is that I know, that as a cheerleader, I am representing my school and a icon of school spirit and delight at our school events. Just last week, St. Francis Prep hosted an open house for prospective students. Many of them are just shy of seventh grade. My cheerleading team members and I were all lined up and ready in uniform and pom-poms to greet them creating a warm and friendly ambiance at my school. Knowing that I am frequently looked up to by my peers as a symbol of school spirit gives me immense confidence and pride. In addition, the cheerleading squad is like my second family. Although there were many times when cheerleading was tedious, time-consuming, and trying, I wouldn’t change my sport for the world.

In conclusion, I know that I will deliver much added value to any college. I demonstrate the right commitment, dedication, and attitude required to succeed in an undergraduate institution. I absolutely plan to remain as a cheerleader at the college I shall attend. I am ready now, more than ever, to become the ideal college student and athlete.

I know now that I possess the prerequisite skills I need to make an excellent addition to your University. I eagerly await your reply. 


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