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Grammar -- Tory Burch - 2A

The things I do for my hunter children... designing these questions is such an incredible test of my patience ..... 


Grammar and Usage

In the following sentences, four parts of each sentence are underlined. If you think any one of the underlined parts is incorrect, choose the letter under that part as your answer. If you think the sentence is correct as written, choose (E) as your answer. Please note: read together, all of the sentences in this section make up a story.

1. Tory Burch was born on June 17 1966No Error.
A: You need a comma after June 17, 1966.
2. Burch is a American fashion designer, business woman, and philanthropist. No Error.
A: “A” is wrong. Burch is AN American fashion designer.
3. She is a woman that has won several fashion awards for her designs. No Error.
A: THAT is wrong. She is a woman WHO has won.

4. She was born, raised, and educated in the philadelphia metropolitan areaNo Error.
A: Philadelphia is capitalized.
5. Burch was born in Valley Forge PennsylvaniaNo Error.
A: You need a comma between Valley Forge and Pennsylvania
6. Burch is the daughter from Reva and Ira Earl Robinson. No Error.
A: “From” is wrong here. Burch is the daughter OF, not from.
7: She was raised with her three brothers (Robert, James and Leonard) in a valley forge farmhouse. No Error.
A: Valley Forge must be capitalized.
8. The farmhouse is a 250-year old Georgian near the Valley Forge national historical parkNo Error.
A: National Historical Park must be capitalized. It’s the name of a park.
9. Her mother is a former actress that dated Steve McQueen and Marlon BrandoNo Error.
A: THAT is wrong here. She is an actress WHO dated.
10. Her father, that was a wealthy investor, is now deceased. No Error.
A: Again, THAT is wrong here. Always use WHO when referring to people.  No Error.
11. Her father inherited a stock exchange seat and a paper cup companyNo Error.
A: No Error.
12. He dated Grace Kelly and Joan BennettNo Error.
A: No Error.
13. Tory's father was fourteen years older then her mother. No Error.
A: THEN is wrong here. It should say THAN her other. Use THAT to compare. 
14. Burch is Jewish on her mothers side. No Error.
A: “Mothers” needs an apostrophe to show possession. Sentence should read “mother’s side”
15. Burch attended the Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, Pennsylvania, where she rode horses, was captain of the tennis team, and were a friend of jewelry designer Kara RossNo Error.
A: WERE is wrong here. Use WAS.
16. Her first job was at Benetton in the King of Prussia MallNo Error.
A: No Error
17. She then attended the university of Pennsylvania, where she was a member of the women's sorority Kappa Alpha ThetaNo Error.
A: University must be capitalized. The University of Pennylvania is the full name of the University.
18. She majored in art history and graduated in 1988. No Error.

No Error. There is no need to capitalize art history.
19. After graduating from college Tory moved to New York City, where she worked for Zoran, a Yugoslavian designer and at Harper's Bazaar magazine. No Error.
A: You need a comma after the word college.
20. She then moved into public relations and advertising positions at Vera Wang, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Loewe. She began a fashion label, "TRB by Tory Burch"—later known as "Tory Burch", in February 2004. As of January 2013 the company had grown to 83 Tory Burch stores worldwide. No Error.
A: You need a comma after 2013.

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