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grammar 13A Koala story

Grammar and Usage
In the following sentences, four parts of each sentence are underlined. If you think any one of the underlined parts is incorrect, choose the letter under that part as your answer. If you think the sentence is correct as written, choose (E) as your answer. Please note: read together, all of the sentences in this section make up a story.

The Pool Visitor
by Marilyn Naito
Illustrated by Helen Kunze

In this passage, an American girl named Martine has traveled to Australia to visit her cousin,
Stephen. In Australia, it is summertime in December.

Designed by Kweller Prep. Single spaced copying. Hand copying only.

1. “All done!” Stephen placed a bowl by the sink.  “Let’s swim,” No error.
A: There must be a period after “swim” not a comma.  
2. Martine watch the dishwater swirl down the drain.  “Swimming! I just can’t get used to it in December.”   No error.
A: “watch” should be replaced with “watched.” Past tense.   
 3. All Stephen had heard since his American cousin, Martine arrived were stories about snow and fireplaces.   No error.
A: Comma is missing after “Martine.”
4.  Stephen had only seen snow in pictures. SPLASH! The sound came from the backyard. “Mr. Bakers spaniel, Max, must be taking a dip again.”   No error.
A: “Mr. Baker’s” – you need an apostrophe to show possession. Sentence should read, “Mr. Baker’s spaniel”
5. Stephen rolled his eyes upward. Martine tagged behind Stephen as he went to the pool and stopped . Dumbfounded.  No error.
A: you need a comma (,) after “stopped” and “dumbfounded” must be in lowercase.
 6. In the water was a round, furry ball that looked like a soggy teddy bear. “A koala bear!” Martine sound happy as the animal splashed water over his ears.  No error.
A: “sounded” not “sound”
7. “He isn’t a bear.” Stephen told her. “He’s a marsupial, like a kangaroo.” Martine and Stephen sat on the edge of the pool and watched.  No error.
A: You need a comma after “bear,” not a period. Use a period to end a sentence only.
 8. The koala had swam, then floated on his back until he headed for the opposite side of the pool across from Stephen and Martine.  No error.
A: “Swam” is the past tense of “swim” and “had" is unnecessary
9. The koala tried to pull himself out, but the tiles were to slippery. “He can’t get out,” Martine said. “We’ve got to help him.”  No error.
A: “too” not “to”
10. Stephen kicked off his sandals and, stepped quietly into the pool.  No error.
A: comma is not necessary after “and”
11. By the time Stephen reached the frightened animal, the koala were paddling to the metal ladder.  No error.
A: The koala “was” not “were.” One bear “was” but many bears “were.”
12. Stephen put his arms under the Koala and gave him a boost up.  No error.
A: “koala” does not need to be capitalized.
 13. Martine lift’ed the animal onto solid ground. The koala gave one shake, spraying Martine with water, before waddling across the lawn and up the nearest tree.  No error.
A: “lifted” not “lift’ed” which is not grammatically correct at all.
14.  “We’ve never had a koala in the pool before,” Stephen said, “but koalas love to swim.  My teacher said that backyard pools are a big cause of accidents to koalas in australia.”   No error.
A: Australia is a proper noun and it must be capitalized.   
15. “What if he falls in when no one’s home?”  Martine asked. “All the koala needs are something rough to hang onto,” Stephen replied, “and he can haul himself right out.”  No error.
A: “are” should be replaced with “is.” All the koala needs IS something rough, not ARE.
16. After hearing what happened, Stephens mom said, “There is some leftover carpeting in the basement. You can use that.”  No error.
A:  “Stephen’s” because you need an apostrophe to show possession. Correct: “Stephen’s mom”
17. Stephen and Martine found the carpet rolled up in a corner and carried it to the pool. Then they found some sturdy rope in the garage and stitched the rope to one side of the carpet.  No error.
A: No error.
18. They tied the rope to two poolside grab rails. They cut the carpet section so that it extended into the pool. After it was hosed down, the carpet lay against the inside of the pool’s wall. “I hope it works,” said Stephen.  They waited and waited, but the koala didn’t appear, and the koala ramp was almost forgotten. SPLASH! Stephen and Martine looked at each other with the same thought. It could be Mr. Baker’s spaniel or— Martine dashed outside with Stephen at her heels.  No error.
A: No error.
19. The water glistened on the koala’s furry head.  He paddled around, than swam toward the carpet ramp. Gripping it with his claws, he slowly pulled his chubby body up and out of the water.  No error.
A: THAN should be replaced with THEN. Use “than” to show comparison. Use “then” to show time sequence.
20. With four paws planted firm on the pool deck, he shook himself and scampered off. Martine giggled, “I’ll always remember my trip to Australia and the swimming koala!”  No error.
A: “firm” should be replaced with “firmly.” More ex: “drive safely,” “speak softly,” “ grade harshly” 

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