Tuesday, November 26, 2013

is the SAT or ACT more important?

and the SAT exam is the winner! (at least according to this article) 

SAT is more important than the AP, ACT

2011-01-30 13:57:16 Purple Ming Education

SAT and ACT college entrance exams are the United States, but the SAT is the first American university entrance examination, ACT is the second entrance of the American University. That American universities regarded as the first reference SAT scores, ACT is the second reference.
SAT exam content is independent of American high school teaching content, it is mainly a complex evaluation of candidates in English, rational argument and logical reasoning ability, that is, the ability of candidates to learn the core of strong and weak evaluation. ACT exam content is closely related with the teaching content of American high school, somewhat similar to our high school examinations.
Therefore, if the domestic system is studied American candidate four years of high school curriculum, then take the ACT exam is more suitable. Conversely, SAT exam is more suitable for domestic candidates. On the other hand, many American schools take into account the candidates never learned Chinese American high school curriculum.Therefore, the United States suggested that the Chinese elite best candidates to submit SAT test scores. To the University of Michigan, for example, the only internationally recognized university students submit SAT scores, ACT scores are not recognized.
SAT exam is successfully applied for decisive American schools, and AP U.S. college credit courses are supplementary. Without a good SAT scores, there is no amount of AP scores, it is impossible to successfully apply for attending American schools.

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