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How to get Extra Time for the SAT -- Kweller Prep

Kweller Prep Staff Prepares forms and applications for students requesting extended time for the SAT and/or SAT 2 Subject tests.

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How to Get Extended Time for the SAT

source: www.Collegeboard.com


Information about testing with accommodations on the SAT

To take the SAT with testing accommodations, students with disabilities must be approved for accommodations by the College Board’s Services for Students with Disabiltities. See Applying for Accommodations for more information. The following information explains many of the details about accommodations on the SAT.

Once a student is approved by the College Board for accommodations, how can he or she register for the SAT?

When a student requests accommodations for College Board tests, he or she receives an SSD Eligibility Code. The student must use this code when registering for the SAT. If registering by mail, the student should include a copy of the Student Eligibility Letter in the envelope with the SAT registration form. For more information, please visit SAT registration.

Can a student register for the SAT before receiving notification of approval for the requested accommodation?

Yes, the student can register for the SAT by any of the means available. After being approved for accommodations, the student should call the College Board at (609) 771-7137. This contact should be at least two weeks before a test date to have the SAT registration reflect the accommodations that the student will receive. Because it takes time to make appropriate arrangements at a testing site (for example, proctor, space, shipped materials), changes requested less than two weeks before a test date cannot be guaranteed until the next test date.

When will I learn if my student is approved for the requested accommodations?

It takes about five weeks from the date that a complete request for accommodations is submitted to receive a response from the College Board. If a documentation review is required, it takes up to seven weeks from the date that the documentation is complete. Please see Important SSD Dates for more information.

Does a student have to use his or her accommodations on the SAT?

No. The student may register without providing the SSD Eligibility Code that was included in the Student Eligibility Letter. Students who register with their SSD Eligibility Code and thereafter decide that they do not wish to use their accommodation(s) must submit a signed statement (by a parent or guardian if the student is under 18) stating the decision.

Can a student request additional accommodations or change the current accommodations that are approved by the College Board?

Yes. A student may change the approved accommodations by submitting an Accommodations Change Request Form. See Changing Accommodations.

What is the difference between National Center Testing and School Testing?

Most students—with and without accommodations—take the SAT at National Centers. These sites often are local educational facilities. Some of the accommodations that may be provided at a National Test Center are:
  • 50% extended time
  • 14-point test booklet
  • Large block answer sheet

Some students, including some students testing with accommodations, take the SAT at their school. Some accommodations that may only be provided at the student's school are:
  • 100% extended time
  • A reader
  • A writer
  • A Braille version of the test
  • A computer to record written responses

If my student is approved for accommodations that are provided at a National Test Center, how will he or she know which center to go to?

The student's assigned test center for the date requested can be found on his or her admission ticket.

Is the school testing given on the same day as center testing?

Students who receive school testing most often test at the school they attend. The SAT is given at any time within the four-day period that begins with the Saturday national test date. (Please see SAT Calendar Dates & Fees.) The SSD Coordinator at the testing school determines the specific date, start time, and the location within the school, and then notifies the students.

How will I know which students are taking the SAT at my school?

A few weeks before each test date, the SSD Coordinator will receive a roster of all School Testing students who are registered for the SAT. The report also provides a list of each student's approved accommodations. SSD Coordinators should ensure that the information is correct.
Immediately before the test date, the SSD Coordinator will receive a Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR), with students' names and SSD Eligibility Codes pre-entered. This will be the final roster showing all of the students who are approved for school-based testing. This roster has to be returned with the answer sheets after the completion of the testing.

What is the best time to give the SAT at my school?

It is best to begin the test as early in the four-day period as possible so that you can return the answer sheets promptly and allow for timely reporting of the students' scores. It also is advisable to test all students on the same day.

How long will the SAT be with 50% or with 100% extended time?


The variable section has been eliminated for extended-time students. For 50% extended time, the test will be 5 hours, with 11 minutes of breaks: a 5-minute break after sections 2 and 6 and a 1-minute break after section 4. Students with 50% extended time are allowed:
  • 38 minutes for a standard 25-minute section
  • 30 minutes for a standard 20-minute section
  • 15 minutes for a standard 10-minute section

For 100% extended time, the test will be 6 hours and 40 minutes, with two 5-minute breaks (after section 2 on the first day and after section 6 on the second day). Students with 100% extended time are allowed:
  • 50 minutes for a standard 25-minute section
  • 40 minutes for a standard 20-minute section
  • 20 minutes for a standard 10-minute section

SAT Subject Tests™

  • Students with 100% extended time are allowed 2 hours for each standard one-hour test.
  • Students with 50% extended time are allowed 1 1/2 hours for each standard one-hour test.

What is the procedure for testing students approved for 100% extended time?

All 100% extended-time students who are taking the SAT will be tested over two days. Only those students eligible for 100% extended time who are taking the SAT Reasoning Test can continue the test on the second day.
  • Day 1—Complete ID information and test sections 1–4. Lock test materials in a secure area overnight.
  • Day 2—Complete test sections 5–9. Be sure to give each student the same book and answer sheet they used on the first day.
  • Begin testing all School-Testing students on any day within the window (i.e., Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday).
  • Complete testing on the next consecutive day within the window whenever possible. If necessary, the second day of testing may occur on Wednesday.

How many breaks will students approved for 50% extended time receive on the SAT and will they be allowed to eat during these breaks?

Students testing with 50% extended time will be testing for about 25 minutes longer than they did when taking the earlier, shorter SAT. Each break for extended-time students will take place after an hour and 15 minutes of testing. Students are welcome to bring nourishing, filling snacks for the two 5-minute breaks.

What are the guidelines for snacks during the SAT?

Snacks may be consumed during breaks, but generally they are not permitted to be eaten in the testing room. However, students with a medical need may request permission to eat or drink during the test as an accommodation.

What is section timing?

Students will be timed separately on each SAT section or Subject Test. Students must be given their full approved time on each section or subject, even if they stop work before time is called. They may not move to the next section or subject until all time has elapsed.

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