Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to submit a request for SAT test accommodations online

How to submit a request for accommodations online



  1. School should ensure that it has a SSD Coordinator Form on file with the College Board, an Education Professional account, and a parental consent form signed by the parent/ and/or guardian ( or student, if over 18 years old).

  2. Go to www.collegeboard.com/profaccount and select "Disabilities Accommodation Mgmt" from the drop-down menu when you log in.

  3. Click “Submit Eligibility Form” in top right corner of dashboard. This will bring you to a new Eligibility Form to start a new request. Complete the questions, and submit the form electronically.

  4. If documentation is required, print out the cover sheet, and attach it to the requested documentation. Fax (or mail) the documents to the fax number on the form, for the College Board’s review.

  5. You will receive an email notifying you that a decision has been made. Check your dashboard to see the student’s status or to read the decision letter. Parents or students receive a letter by mail identifying the approved accommodations or explaining why accommodations were not approved.

  6. For more information about the submitting a request for accommodations online, view the tutorial.

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