Sunday, November 20, 2011

Columbia University Supplement Sample

Why Columbia?

The three things that appeal to me most about the prospect of pursuing my undergraduate studies at Columbia are: its outstanding NYC location, its opportunities to learn alongside tremendously talented people, and its status as an Ivy League institution. My sister is a Yale graduate in Chemical Engineering (2005) and my brother now attends Brown and majors in Applied Mathematics and Economics. They are my role models, and I too want to study in top-notch schools surrounded by gifted students and laudable professors. My siblings share with me the deep sense of belonging, possibility, and opportunity they have gained from being a part of such elite institutions.

I am currently a senior at the Lycee Francais De New York high school located on the Upper East Side. Coming to New York was a mixed blessing; as much as I miss my homeland, Haiti, I now couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. New York is filled with limitless possibilities, and after being exposed to just a taste of what NYC has to offer, I am certain that I want to spend my undergraduate years here. Moreover, Columbia appeals to me because of its international reputation as a school of excellence, filled with a diverse student body, and one where I could explore my interests with limitless resources. Last but not least, the option to study abroad is something I would absolutely be interested in as well, and knowing that Columbia has programs as far as the United Arab Emirates will give me immense options.

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