Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review of Kweller Prep by Linda Katayev

Kweller Prep is honestly one of the best tutoring centers to go to for absolutely any subject you need help in. I started to go there in the beginning of my high school years for math help and then stayed there to get help for my SATs which is the most important exam for entrance into college. Starting at Kweller Prep I though that I was never gonna do well on my SATs considering I was horrible in math but Kweller Prep proved me wrong. This tutoring center helped me in more ways then I can count. It raised my first SAT score with my second by 400 points. This center taught me more tricks on how to handle SAT questions than any other tutoring service out there. In addition, I was taught how to be organized with my scheduling and if it wasn't for Kweller Prep I would have probably been lost when it came to applying for colleges. I was helped from beginning to end starting with just doing the application together to getting help with all sorts of college essays and personal statements. There is no doubt in my mind that Kweller Prep was a huge part of my acceptance to college and I have no regrets for choosing this tutoring service to work with.

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