Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kweller Prep Reviews on Yahoo

Kweller Prep was recommended to us by my wife's friend. Our son has been attending Kweller Prep for fifteen months. Ms. Kweller is the consummate professional - hardworking, and focused on increasing student's test taking ability and developing their academic potential. Ms. Kweller exemplifies the best tutoring skills of providing hands-on support, patience, enthusiasm, and dedication. Ms. Kweller is knowledgeable regarding SAT test preparations and the college admissions process. Ms. Kweller is available for questions and she returns phone calls promptly. She is a pleasure to work with and we enjoyed the Kweller Prep program.

Our son has benefited greatly by studying with Kweller Prep. He has studied Kweller Prep's SAT exam prep courses, Regents test prep, and math tutorials. He has passed his Regents; his SAT scores have improved tremendously. His time management skills and confidence level have increased.

I would highly recommend Kweller Prep for any student desiring to excel in high school, develop test taking skills, and increase SAT scores. Kweller Prep will increase student's self-confidence and prepare them for future academic challenges.

Sincerely, Amy, James, and Luka

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