Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yahoo Review of Kweller Prep

What more can you ask for in SAT and Regents prep? Kweller Prep offers outstanding support for students and parents from one on one tutoring to college applications and financial aid advice. The staff at Kweller Prep is made of dedicated and passionate educators that are fully committed to each student's academic success. Attention to detail is part of what makes Kweller Prep one of the best sources for tutoring and standardized testing preparation. Parents will also find a support network at Kweller Prep. Parent's night and college workshops allow them to discuss questions and concerns in a comfortable and positive environment. Parents leave each workshop with valuable information on how to improve their child's success in college and a new understanding of the education and testing process. Kweller Prep has been the key component to numerous scholarship and award success stories. I recommend Kweller Prep to any parent who has a child who is preparing for standardized testing and the college admissions process-- Elana D

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