Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reviews of Kweller Prep

Frances Kweller is a major role-model for all of her students! I had the pleasure of meeting Frances just months before my junior year was ending. I had been recommended through one of my high school classmates who was also a student of hers at the time. Initially I thought Kweller Prep could not guarantee me getting into any university and therefore, I should put my money into a more credible organization (i.e. Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc).

However, upon meeting Frances, I instantly felt extremely comfortable and was impressed with all that she had to offer! She broke down the entire college process, devoted countless hours to helping me fill out/fulfill the requirements for ALL 18 COLLEGES that I applied to, encouraged me, taught me, and always supported me. I attended Kweller Prep for about 1.5-2 years and learned more there than I did in most of my high school.

This SAT prep challenged me and prepared me for college. Now that I am in my second year of college I have realized that it was worth investing the time and money into this program. Unlike many high school students who I now mentor I felt prepared every time I took the SAT or any exam for that matter. However, the great thing about Kweller Prep is that it provides more than just SAT tutoring. I HIGHLY recommend Kweller Prep to any high school, undergrad, or graduate student who is seeking the assistance, mentorship, and friendship of an educated women who I know will change this world!! Although Frances can not make promises this program and it's testimonials speak for themselves.

I am currently attending Northeastern University on a full scholarship, Double Majoring in Political Science and Economics.

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